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  1. I did it! Finally worked! Its strange but the only thing i did different this time, was naming the .sav file ,from the genned archive, to "main".
  2. I already have "re-created" the corrupt file several times today and it never works. I also just tried using the bak file generated automaticaly, but it hasnt worked either(corrupt to).
  3. Im using the latest release yeah, but i really dont know if im doing right when importing the save file, i just use micro-sd management of the new 3ds to connect it to the pc, than copy the folder i named ultramoon(with its only file being the save i called it "save") to the jksm saves folder. Lastly the 3DS recognizes the file and loads it when i import it over the original backup file, but when i start the game it says the saves is corrupted. Ah both files the original and genned one have exactly 435 kb.
  4. I just started playing ultra moon today and i wanted to start playing with my dream team for this game right away. So i UPDATED my pkhex and started doing everything like old times where it worked fine. The only thing i done differently was making one illegal poke a level 10 Type: null. I dont know if this corrupts the save but when i use jksm to import the save and start playing i get notified that my save is corrupted. I have a backup of the original save, without any genned pokes, and when i import it back it works, Just the genned save doesnt work. Anyone know a way to fix it? Im attaching both save and back up that says corrupted here just for you guys to check. save 0 save 0 [Lorenzo (UM) - 201711171203].bak
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