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  1. Hello, I have 3 pokemon what flagged illegal, but they are legal. All reports are from PkHex 20230511 in a UltraMoon save: First: Shaymin with Ominous Wind is flagged illegal, but Shaymin can learn this attack in HGSS with move tutor in Sky form, and the attack still remain in both forms. Is a Flower Paradise Shaymin caught in Platinum. (Viento Aciago is Ominous Wind in spanish) Second: A Pyroar hatched in Unknown Dungeon in Pokemon X (Mewtwo room). For some reason, this location is flagged illegal, but you hatch eggs in this zone without problem. Third: A Alolan-Marowak evolved from a VC Cubone. A level 5 Cubone has transfered from Pokemon Silver to UltraMoon and evolved. The error is a met level, if met level is 5, is flagged illegal, but is level 6 or more, is legal. Other VC evolved pokemon like Leafeon or Glaceon have the same error. All .pk7 from 3 pokemon reported: 0668 ★ - Pyroar - ABC4E73F639D.pk70105-01 ★ - Marowak - C4668E060BC1.pk70492 ★ - Skymin - 6C03BFA135AA.pk7
  2. I have made mix records with another game. Result: The new trainer has been added to the battle tower, but the previous one is still there. Maybe I should get a lot of new trainers for the old ones to disappear, but no idea, it's just a theory
  3. In my spanish emerald, Due to mix records, a trainer with illegal pokemon appears in the battle tower. Since you can appear as a possible opponent in individual mode... is it possible to eliminate the trainers received by mix records? I don't see that pkhex can edit mix records. Example from illegal pokemon: Moltres with Sacred Fire (shiny and illegal EVs)
  4. If drag a shiny pokemon in .pk2 into a gen7(or gen8) save, these pokemon obtain the exact same PID, even if drag multiple times. Also, this PID format is the same: XXXX0000, where XXXX is TID from pokemon in HEX, and four 0 additional. For example, a shiny pokemon in gen2 with ID 12574 always obtain PID 311E0000 in pkhex. I have various shinies transferred in official Poke Transporter with the same ID, but they have different PID. (I don't have currently a active subscription). This PID format is intentional? or is a error? I use a latest version (PKHeX 20.10.10). I know there have been changes with VC transfers in the latest version, but I find it strange to get the same PID always
  5. ¿This file is valid? I extracted from mi spanish Wii using the SaveGame Manager GX homebrew and save is recognized with PkHex 0001000052504250.zip
  6. Okey, my .pk4 is here: 445 - GARCHOMP - C5D4AE9F135B.pk4
  7. I breed a new Garchomp in my SoulSilver and hatch in Battle Frontier, but pkhex mark this pokemon as illegal for your Met Location. If i put the Origin Game: Platinum instead SoulSilver, pkhex mark as legal, so surely is PkHex not recognize the HGSS Battle Frontier, only Platinum BF.
  8. I used Poke Transporter to transfer pokemon from my Pokemon Silver to Pokemon UltraMoon, but some pokemon show incorrect PP in pkhex. In the game the PP show correctly. In my Pokemon Silver, usually using TM25 ACE to clone these Pokemon, but some show PP correctly, therefore, I don't think it's the reason from incorrect PPs in pkhex I adjunt the .pk2, the .pk7 with incorrect PPs and a imagen from the error In the image, all legendary and mythical from gen 1 and 2 are the transfered (first 11 slots), but only Mewtwo, Ho-Oh and Celebi have errors pk2 and pk7.zip
  9. Siento que alguien desconocido se esta metiendo en mi cuenta

  10. Thanks for your software, i received a Spanish Hoopa in my Spanish games (europe): Hoopa (spanish): EO: Harry ID: 10235 SID: 553 Wondercard image: 553 - ¡Hala, es Hoopa!.wc6.zip
  11. Yes, you put "white 1 spanish" in RNG Reporter. For some reason, must be put the contrary game if use the spanish game (I have original spanish black also)

    <p><p><p><p><p><p>si tu ingles da pena, el mio creo que es peor... </p></p></p></p></p></p>

    <p><p><p><p><p><p>suerte que existen traductores...</p></p></p></p></p></p>



    <p><p><p><p><p><p>que tal?</p></p></p></p></p></p>

    <p><p><p><p><p><p>mi ingles da pena y no se por donde ando</p></p></p></p></p></p>


  14. evs also can win battles, as is normally done, for it works well even at 100. I myself have tested in a poke at 100 and received after each battle evs normally
  15. apparently, I'm told that pokes HGSS event, the value always has the value 86h to 00, which my mew is correct.
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