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  1. How do I convert *.pkx to *.ekx?

    Isn’t UInt16 suppose to be two bytes?
  2. How do I convert *.pkx to *.ekx?

    I tried incrementing forward as you said and found that byter(z) = blocka(z) Xor rand() is equal to byter(z) = 0xAA60CFF and byter() is UInt16. So I changed byter(z) = block_(z) Xor rand() to byter(z) = CType((block_(z) Xor rand()), System.UInt16), now the function rand() is giving me the System.OverflowException error.
  3. How do I convert *.pkx to *.ekx?

    It gave me 0x35C7F1EE, but the pk5 file in HxD says 0xEEF1C735.
  4. How do I convert *.pkx to *.ekx?

    I tried that, but the error persists. I then tried: Private Sub toEnc() Dim myFile As String = OpenFileDialog1.FileName Dim myBytes As Byte() = My.Computer.FileSystem.ReadAllBytes(myFile) Dim txtTemp As New System.Text.StringBuilder() For Each myByte As Byte In myBytes txtTemp.Append(myByte.ToString("X2")) Next RichTextBox1.Text = txtTemp.ToString() Dim myData = RichTextBox1.Text Dim pkx As Byte() = HexStringToByteArray(myData) Dim ekx() As Byte = encrypt(pkx) End Sub Private Shared Function HexStringToByteArray(ByRef strInput As String) As Byte() Dim length As Integer Dim bOutput As Byte() Dim c(1) As Integer length = strInput.Length / 2 ReDim bOutput(length - 1) For i As Integer = 0 To (length - 1) For j As Integer = 0 To 1 c(j) = Asc(strInput.Chars(i * 2 + j)) If ((c(j) >= Asc("0")) And (c(j) <= Asc("9"))) Then c(j) = c(j) - Asc("0") ElseIf ((c(j) >= Asc("A")) And (c(j) <= Asc("F"))) Then c(j) = c(j) - Asc("A") + &HA ElseIf ((c(j) >= Asc("a")) And (c(j) <= Asc("f"))) Then c(j) = c(j) - Asc("a") + &HA End If Next j bOutput(i) = (c(0) * &H10 + c(1)) Next i Return (bOutput) End Function
  5. How do I convert *.pkx to *.ekx?

    The file is being loaded with: Dim myFile = OpenFileDialog1.FileName Dim pkx() As Byte = My.Computer.FileSystem.ReadAllBytes(myFile) Dim ekx = encrypt(pkx)
  6. How do I convert *.pkx to *.ekx?

    I keep getting a System.OverflowException at the Select Case firstblock.
  7. How do I convert *.pkx to *.ekx?

    I was able to find this: PKM Encrypt.cs Problem is I don't understand C#.
  8. How do I convert *.pkx to *.ekx?

    So like this: 'block shuffling stuff srnd(chksum) rand()
  9. How do I convert *.pkx to *.ekx?

    So, where does the checksum come in?
  10. How do I convert *.pkx to *.ekx?

    Is seed the checksum?
  11. How do I convert *.pkx to *.ekx?

    Thanks. Now, how do I use the formula, X[n+1] = (0x41C64E6D * X[n] + 0x6073), what do I put for X[n] and X[n+1]?
  12. How do I convert *.pkx to *.ekx?

    I had looked at those, it’s that I don’t know how to apply the formulas written there.
  13. How do I convert *.pkx to *.ekx?

    How do I convert *.pkx to *.ekx, x being 4, 5, 6, or 7? I'm trying to write a program in Visual Basic, and I need it to be able to encrypt *.pkx files into *.ekx files. The problem is I can't figure out how.
  14. Pokemon Red,Blue,Yellow SAV file?

    Thanks for trying @theSLAYER, I tried what you said and i got this... I'm unable to move or open the menu. All i can do is reset the game.
  15. Pokemon Red,Blue,Yellow SAV file?

    Could someone help me? I'm try to transfer a save from blue to red, i was able to transfer all my data, but i was unable to set the ingame events to as if i already went thru them. Could someone tell me how to do that or can someone help find a save file that's just beaten the Fuchsia Gym and hasn't gone thru Silph Co. nor the Rocket Game Corner and hasn't beaten the Saffron, Cinnabar and Viridian Gyms. My Blue save is attached below to supply further info on what Red save I am looking for, and for if anyone is looking for a save for Blue. sav.dat And this is my attempt at converting a blue save to Red. sav.dat