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Found 5 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Pokémon Black 2, Black, White 2 & White (ENG,ESP & JPN) 100% ALL Shiny All shiny, Level 100 from 1 to 649 Name Trainer: ERNESTO/エルネスト (ENG,ESP & JPN) TID: 00711 SID: 42481 HP: 31 Atk: 31 Def: 31 SpA: 31 or 24 SpD: 31 Spe: 31 Pokémon Gen 1 Articuno Shiny Square Zapdos Shiny Square Moltres Shiny Square Mewtwo Shiny Square Mew Shiny Square Pokémon Gen 2 All UNOWN Shiny Normal Raikou ** Entei *** Colosseum/XD Shiny Square Suicune * Lugia Shiny Square Ho-oH Shiny Square Celebi/セレビィ Ageto/アゲト NO SHINY Ageto Celebi comes from the Bonus Disc for the Japanese Pokemon Colosseum. Nature:Quirky Level: 10 Ability: Natural Cure(1) HP: 31 Atk: 31 Def: 31 SpA: 31 SpD: 31 Spe: 31 Move 1: Confusion Move 2: Recover Move 3: Heal Bell Move 4: Safeguard Pokémon Gen 3 Regirock Shiny Square Regice Shiny Square Registeel Shiny Square Latias Shiny Square Latios Shiny Square Kyogre Shiny Square Groudon Shiny Square Rayquaza Shiny Square Jirachi Shiny Square Deoxys Shiny Square Pokémon Gen 4 Uxie Shiny Square Mesprit Shiny Square Azelf Shiny Square Dialga Shiny Square Palkia Shiny Square Heatran Shiny Square Regigigas Shiny Square Giratina Shiny Square Cresselia Shiny Square Phione Shiny Square Manaphy Shiny Square (Pokémon Ranger) Darkrai Shiny Square Shaymin Shiny Square Arceus NO SHINY (Pokémon Movie 09) (JPN) Pokémon Gen 5 Cobalion Shiny Square Terrakion Shiny Square Virizion Shiny Square Tornadus Shiny Square (Incarnate/Therian) Thundurus Shiny Square (Incarnate/Therian) Reshiram NO SHINY (Pokémon Movie 11) (JPN) Zekrom NO SHINY (Pokémon Movie 11) (JPN) Landorus Shiny Square (Incarnate/Therian) Kyurem Shiny Square Keldeo NO SHINY (Ordinary/Resolute)(Pokémon Movie 12) (JPN) Meloetta NO SHINY (Pokémon Movie 12) (JPN) Genesect Shiny Square (Pokémon Movie 13)(Pokémon Center/P2ラボ) (JPN)
  2. I was young when White 2 came out and I got an action replay. Like a fool, I turned all my legendaries, Event and in-game shiny locked, into shinies. I need a code that would basically do the same as the "Shiny Mark" code but turn them into their normal sprites I think this is the code I used, I'm not sure because I can't view or edit the code in my little action replay DSi port thing, I lost the cord: 0201E688 FBBAF7E3 02001E00 73B4B4FF 02001FFC BDF8BCFF 02001ED0 88F488B0 02001ED4 88384044 02001ED8 08C04060 02001EDC 78BC00C0 02001EE0 0F640764 02001EE4 80784320 D2000000 00000000
  3. Version


    This program can build custom Gen 5 Pokémon Distribution ROMs from a .pgf event file and a clean copy of the Liberty Ticket distribution ROM (both not included). The source code can be found on GitHub. I may forget to update the file here, so be sure to check the GitHub Releases. For any issues you come across, please feel free to open an Issue, so I can swiftly look into and fix any bugs With this program you can: - Change the .pgf event file - Create your own .pgf file - Change the date limit - Change which games can receive the event - Change which games region can receive the event (partially tested | only tested with English and French copies) - Change the event text that appears upon receiving
  4. My Join Avenue in Pokemon White 2 is no longer working after using AR codes. Shops refuse to restock even after waiting 3 days in-game and out-game (not changing the clock). No visitors show up besides my other character after trading with myself. Rank of the shops and avenue as a whole is now 255, which is well above the limits of rank 10 for shops and 100 for the avenue. These are all the codes I used (at the same time I have to add) I tried fixing this thinking "maybe those ranks are just too high" and changed the avenue rank to 90 and the shop ranks to 10 (which for some reason jumped to 11 if I put 10 in the code line "FF", so I instead put in 09 in FF which changed to 10 in-game, odd thing that happened but worth mentioning, may do 08 next time for rank 9 shops). This didn't restore the shops even after waiting again. However, when I recommended my other character a shop and got 100 points, the rank of the avenue went up to 91, so I know at least that works. My hopes now is that maybe the "popularity" of the shops and avenue are too high and I'll change "0000270F" (3879, what a weird number) to "00008403" (900) and see if that works. If anyone actually knows why this is happening and know a way to fix it, that would help a lot. edit: NVM I got it to work now.
  5. Is there a code that makes it so that you can switch Yancy and Curtis? For example, having Yancy when playing as a female. If it doesn't exist, how hard would it be to make? It wouldn't hurt to make it if it would be easy
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