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The following is a list of features or additions that I would like to see in PKHeX moving forward. I hope that you enjoy my suggestions and try to apply them:

*Pokémon would automatically have maximum friendliness, maximum affection, level 100, and 31 IVs in every stat by default

*Related to the first topic, there should be a checkbox that makes every Pokémon level 100 or have a changed species conserve the level while changing the experience and not the other way around, as it looks at experience before level for some reason

*Actions that affect every Pokémon in a box, party, or the entire PC or game, such as raising each and every Pokémon in a certain competitive box to level 100 quickly, or giving them all shiny colorations, or maxing out their friendliness and affection in an instant (Note: This came from me trying to max the level, friendliness, and affection of every Pokémon by going as far as writing a script to move the keyboard and mouse to change those values, only to find that, while the script did do what I wanted and saved the changes for each individual Pokémon, the changes were somehow not saved for some odd reason. My next forum entry will focus more on this, if you want more details)

*Customizable interface, so not just the same gray and white colors would be displayed but a bunch of different colors, such as a blue theme or a green theme

*For applicable games, the ability to control character customization from PKHeX directly and not just unlock max money and full wardrobe

*This may be a bit complicated, as it depends on the game, but the ability to check certain trainers as beaten or not from PKHeX directly

*This is also a bit complicated I would imagine, but the ability to unlock certain map areas as visited or certain flying destinations active from PKHeX directly

Tell me what you think of my ideas. Thank you.

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Bulk modifications: use the batch editor

Design choices: There's pros and cons for the way things are done. Preserving stored values over derived values is preferred; in this case, preserving the current EXP is preferable.

Redesign: PKHeX is open source using WinForms. Feel free to fork and re-skin yourself.

Minor details: Boring research topics for near-useless features are not in my interests. For niche tools, community research is a requirement.


Remember to consider time spent vs gain!

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