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False Flags


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Ultra Moon changed how Regular battles work at the battle tree, and permit the use of box legendaries and mythical Pokemon. Because of this Lunala (and every other legendary) can now legally have a Battle Tree ribbon for Regular singles/doubles/multi, but the program still flags it as illegal. (If anyone was wondering it does suck the fun right out of it but honestly I'm all for cheesing my way through a game that tries to cheese me first.)

I also wanted a day-Lycanroc, so I traded my own Lycanroc to a friend, had her evolve it in her game, and then she sent it back. However, it still gets flagged as illegal due to being a Moon-native day-Lycanroc.

I realise the latter is probably not really fixable, but the former is something I figure might have been missed. I hope this helps!

Enclosed are the pkm files for the Lunala and the Lycanroc respectively. 

792 - Nebby - C12BD7FEF265.pk7

745 - Laika - 71EB95301F52.pk7

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Lunala is flagged as illegal due to being native to Moon and lacking trade data.image.png.c216b264a98f0848cedbf1b9cd6908c0.png
If trade data is generated, then the program takes it's been to USUM at least once, and therefore it's able to have the Battle Tree Great ribbon.

The same is true for your Lycanroc:
You can actually catch midday Lycanroc in Moon (and vice versa), but since this one was caught as a Rockruff (met location Ten Carat Hill), it is required to have trade data in order to legally be midday form.

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