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  1. Yeah I find that weird, too. I think it's just PKHeX error. Changing the ability to Own Tempo in Gen 3 doesn't seem to produce complications.
  2. Have you defeated the Champion? They wouldn't be your fan unless you do some big feats.
  3. Try not to use HOME as much as possible, if you're really cautious. You can just use PKHeX to "trade" and get other events. Basically, if you have CFW, you can do more than what the stock users do. Though I can't exactly comment on the matter. I'm using stock firmware.
  4. it's hard to test with the Charizard quality haha. The best one I could do alone is Copperajah mark. Though even with Milcery mark, I could still get encounters but very rarely.
  5. Does the quality of the curry affect encounter chances?
  6. Prejie

    Help me, please!

    Also make sure your save is updated. And PKHeX is updated.
  7. where are you trying to trade it? (edit: late reply haha my internet went off before seeing the earlier message)
  8. Join my team! I'm a pro player since Day 1 and now at stage 359. We're looking for more players to feed Snorlax and possibly future team event mons. The code is XT223C6RBVGF for those who are in mobile (so you can copy it). Thanks and please consider joining Shine Team!
  9. If you're sure you obtained it legitimately in-game, no need to doubt its legality. PKHeX needs to be updated whenever a new event appears.
  10. All I know is you have to manually edit the dex if you want it to look that way.
  11. These transfers can be repeated in indefinite number of times, too. Just be careful what you cross to the stock Switch.
  12. Using PKHeX is way easier and more fool-proof.
  13. I can't haha. I have a Switch Lite. Too late when I found out it can't be in CFW.
  14. Mine is complete, I'd say. Even the master points that should accumulate to Master Chef Eevee or Pikachu. I'm also pretty rich in resources as I rarely use items in solving the stages (Pokemon Trozei and Shuffle trained me lol). The only thing that keeps it from being "100%" is there individual levels. It's hard to grind for their levels especially to those with limited-time appearance. I'd say mine is at 83%.
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