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  1. Well, the context was in Emerald, that's why I thought of mentioning it.
  2. What's not a myth is that some abilities hatch eggs faster, like Flame Body. In a way, heat hastens the hatching of an egg, but not through hot springs.
  3. That is normal. I experience that in my complete Pokedex through natural means.
  4. Considerably, yes. Try to change one of those two to comply with the other.
  5. 1) No, PKHeX is not outdated for Gen 6 and 7. I could still use it with no problem on my part. 2) One thing to note: some moves from Gen 7 are absent in Gen 8, like Hidden Power, Frustration, and Return. You can find the full list here. You won't get banned even if you use them in-game, as you can't. The game will tell you that you can't use those moves in battle. Pokémon from older games can't be used for online battles, either. You have to apply them the battle mark, given at the Battle Tower in Wyndon. I suggest instead of drag-and-drop, just use Pokémon Bank and Pokémo
  6. I'm not sure if the two are compatible. But this one is definitely is. 2046 BW - Item Liberty Pass (ITA).pgf
  7. Open your save via PKHeX. Go to SAV tab. Find the Mystery Gift button, click it. Drag your Liberty Pass in one of the boxes. Click save. Then save your .sav file and load it back to your cart. In the game, go to any Pokemon Center and claim your event ticket. Now you can go to the Liberty Garden. I should also note that you should remove your first injected Liberty Pass as it might cause complications.
  8. But you know how to extract your saves from your cart, right?
  9. Pokémon made from PKSM have a high chance of being illegal especially if you're a beginner (more so if done from scratch). That software is mostly used for quick edits and not creating a new Pokémon from scratch I suggest you get rid of that hopeless Zekrom and create a new one. Try to use PKHeX and use its encounter database so you have a base Pokémon and just edit it to your liking. Good luck!
  10. What program did you use? How exactly did you hack it in? And what game is that Zekrom from?
  11. Didn't the dongle come with instructions? As far as I know, it should have a driver. I can't really tell fully as I dump my saves using my DS Lite.
  12. Dump your save to your PC and you can inject wondercards (available here) into your save. That is if you're looking for a quicker way without internet connection.
  13. The Genesect from GO Special Research (Throwback 2020 or A Drive to Investigate) is different from raids. Your Genesect in Honor Ball (Premier Ball) can't just be edited and put into Poke Ball. If you edit its ball into Poke Ball, it will be illegal. You should also note these: Met Date: probably make it after August 14, 2020, since that's the release of Shiny Genesect. You can finish its Special Researches anytime after activating it, anyway. Level Met: not that important, since you can power-up GO mons. But be sure to make it not lower than 15. IVs: Don't touch this unless yo
  14. PKHeX needs to be updated for GMax Melmetal to be flagged legal. Also, it can't be traded online as it's a new event. Give it some time and it should be tradeable soon. It happens every time a new event Pokemon previously locked before is distributed.
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