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  1. Ohh, good to know. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? Good times! Well tbh, I'm no more a big Pokemon fan because of my busy schedule but whenever I get time I read Marvel Comics & play Minecraft.
  2. It's been like 3 years since I was last on this site, although I am not big of a Pokemon fan anymore as I used to be but its good to be back once in a while. So how are you Pokemon Trainers, What have you peeps been upto?
  3. I have basic knowledge of Shadow Pokemon so thought of implementing it in Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver I need help in the following places : 1) Pokemon Front and Back sprite location as .narc 2) Any tool to import and export HGSS Sprites 3) Any free Image Editor 4) YAPE like tool for DS 5) Good Scripting knowledge to implement New Legendary Locations 6) If you have any method to catch opponents Pokemon then do submit ( optional ) Remember : This is not in any way Pokemon Colosseum/XD sequel, Just a hack I want to make.... Things to implement : 1) Shadow Lengendaries 2) Shadow Final Evolutions 3) Catching opponents Pokemon ( Maybe !? ) 4) Overworld & Battle Shadow Sprites Thanks in Advance !
  4. No, dude, I carefully checked every file and replaced them !
  5. Yeah. but I don't quite understand hexadecimal like you as of now
  6. Yup it can be better like - Pokemon Light X & Dark Y and please check out my rom hacks too
  7. Do you know the tools necessary if no then I might help you a bit and Yeah it can be a little Drayano style with a Malicious Malmar flavour
  8. DIGIMON - Sun/Moon "FOR PEOPLE WANTING TO START IN THE FRANCHISE OR WANTS TO DO A LET'S PLAY, IT IS RECOMMENDED TO PLAY THIS FIRST" [ATTACH=CONFIG]13680[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13681[/ATTACH] ( Note : This is not "Pokemon Sun/Moon" and is a Hacked Version of Digimon World Dawn/Dusk ) ROM Base : Digimon World Dawn/Dusk Version - Unreleased Story : A huge earthquake, caused by a mysterious virus, has stricken the SunShine and DarkMoon districts, damaging the access points to the Digital World and causing many Digimon to mysteriously degenerate to Digi-Eggs. In Dawn, rumors have spread that the Night Crow Team, from DarkMoon City, was responsible for the incident. However, a conflicting report surfaces in Dusk claiming the responsibility falls on the Light Fang team from the SunShine district. With both sides accusing the other, players will take the role of an opposing tamer to investigate and uncover the truth behind the dangerous tremors. Features : 1) Much Harder than the Previous Games 2) Digimon from later Games or Anime will appear ! 3) Wild Digimon Encounters are much more Vivid with more Wild Digimon appearing ! 4) Balance Gameplay 5) Better EXP curves 6) Some added Elements to the Story 7) And Much more to make it an Exciting New Adventure 8) If you play it on the DS then the File Name says "Digimon Sun" or "Digimon Moon" Version Difference : 1) Starting is different in each Games 2) Player will explore different areas based on Game Versions 3) The two games will feature parallel storylines with a main team in each that opposes the other ( Light Fang in Dawn and Night Crow in Dusk—though the two teams work together towards a common cause ) Starter Digimon ( Depending on the version of the game being played, players automatically begin with whichever lead Digimon is exclusive to their version, plus two Digimon from the respective packs chosen ) Digimon Sun : Coronamon and Balance Pack : RizeGreymon, and Angewomon Attack Pack : Growlmon, and MegaSeadramon Speed Pack : Airdramon, and Sinduramon Japanese Pack : Reppamon, and Karatenmon Digimon Moon : Lunamon and Balance Pack : MachGaogamon and Clockmon Attack Pack : SkullGreymon and WarGarurumon (Black) Defense Pack : Kurisarimon and MegaKabuterimon (Blue) Pretty Pack : Pandamon and Lillymon Download Link : Digimon Sun - Removed by moderator Digimon Moon - Removed by moderator Screenshots : ( COMING SOON )
  9. I have the latest one though....Ok I'll upload the ROM then You can download it, and are you hyped for the first Digimon Hack called Digimon Sun/Moon ?
  10. Hey Stars, I created a Hack, AGAIN ! This time it is the World's First Pokemon Stadium Hack, check it out here https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?49732-Pokemon-Arena-!-(-Pokemon-Stadium-Hack-) and I thought I could get a promotion.....
  11. Pokemon Arena ! Yup, it's finally here - The Very First Pokemon Stadium Hack! ROM Base : Pokemon Stadium ( US ) Progress - v1.0 Aim : The ultimate Pokémon battle is about to begin... At long last, all of your favorite Pokémon are ready to go head-to-head on the N64! Whether you're battling a friend, a Gym Leader or a tournament contestant, you're about to witness some of the most spectacular battle scenes in history! Select a team from a huge stable of "rental" battlers, or use the included N64 Transfer Pack to upload your own team from Pokémon Red, Blue or Yellow! This stadium is packed and ready to rock! Features : 1) All Trainers have different Pokemon ! 2) Trainer Pokemon have different IV's & EV's 3) Trainer Pokemon have different Move and Levels 4) No useless Pokemon or Move will be in the game 5) Type Changes : i) Ghost Types are 2 times stronger than Psychic ii) Ice Types are 0.5 times stronger than Fire iii) Bug Types are 0.5 times stronger than Poison 6) Rental Pokemon have different Moveset 7) Gambler Class don't ( almost ) have lucky moves ( i.e, Metronome & other moves ) 8) All One-Hit KO's are Removed ( almost ) 9) No Evasion Moves or Dragon Rage for all Pokemon 10) Much Harder Battles 11) Stronger Opponent Pokemon in the Finals Future Thoughts : - Hack of Pokemon Stadium 2 Download Link - http://www.mediafire.com/download/16y081k369a248z/Pokemon+Arena.ups ( Note : You need to be really "EXPERT" in this game ) Method to Patch Pokemon Stadium ROM : 1) Get a copy of Pokemon Stadium ( USA Version Only ) 2) Download NUPS 3) Click on "Apply an UPS Patch to a file" 4) Click on "Browse" beside "File to Patch" then Select the Pokemon Stadium N64 Rom 5) Click on "Browse" beside "UPS Patch" then select "Pokemon Arena.ups" file 6) Click on "Patch" 7) Enjoy ! Acknowledgement : - StarsMmd : Again, He gave me the idea of Hacking a Pokemon side series Game, without him this Hack wouldn't have existed..... If You have any problem or just want to talk with me then my Skype ID is "justinrozario13" Bugs : - Pick Rental Pokemon by name and not sprite - Use "Project 64" Emulator Only !
  12. Hello, are you looking forward to make youtube videos on your hack ? if so then at least give me and my project a shoutout
  13. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Team Nature ! Yup, it's finally here - The Second Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Hack ! ROM Base : Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team ( US ) Progress - v1.0 Story : The player, who was once a human, wakes up one day as a Pokémon. Natural disasters have started to occur in the world of Pokémon. A Butterfree appears and requests that the player and their partner rescue her baby Caterpie, which is in Tiny Woods. Once the Caterpie is rescued the not yet formed rescue team accepts an Oran Berry, a Pecha Berry, and a Rawst Berry from Butterfree. Once Butterfree and Caterpie are gone, your partner takes you back to his home, which later becomes the rescue team base. Soon, there is a request for another rescue. This one in Thunderwave Cave. The request is to save two Magnemite who are stuck together. One will proceed to join the team after you get your first Friend Areas. Caterpie comes to the rescue base and asks of your assistance in saving his friend Metapod. Team Meanies comes to the base and steals the requests from the mailbox, stating that they'll save the poor Metapod and have Caterpie join their team. Jumpluff is desperately pleading for help from Shiftry to save his friend who is stuck in the Silent Chasm. After Shiftry fails to return, Jumpluff comes to the Rescue Team Base and requests of your help in saving his friend and Shiftry. Shiftry gets kidnapped by Zapdos and takes him to the top of Mt. Thunder. The Rescue Team then goes to the Hill of the Ancients to speak with Xatu, they go there for an explanation as to why the player was turned into a Pokémon. You then learn of the Ninetales legend. The legend goes as followed: One day, a human angered a Ninetales by pulling on one of its tails and ended up cursed. That human's Gardevoir protected its master from the curse, and the human left the Gardevoir. Ninetales makes it so that the human will be reborn as a Pokémon, and when that happens, the balance of nature will be destroyed. Gengar, of Team Meanies, overheard this conversation, and convinces all the Pokémon in the Pokémon Square that the player is the Pokémon in the legend. The Pokémon in the town then run the player and their partner out of town. To escape the gang of Pokémon that are after them, they venture into Lapis Cave and Mt. Blaze where they battle Moltres. Once Moltres is defeated, the team enters the Frosty Forest and encounters Articuno. Once they defeat Articuno, he tries to attack them once more, and an Absol comes in and inters, informing Articuno of the natural disasters that are occurring in other places. Absol then joins the team. The player and their team, now consisting of their partner and Absol, make their way to Mt. Freeze, where they encounter the Ninetales of the legend. Ninetales lets the player know that they are not the human from the legend. The Rescue Team returns to the town and Gengar is livid. There is another quake, and Team A.C.T goes to the Magma Cavern to defeat Groudon. While Team A.C.T is in the Magma Cavern, Wynaut and Wobbuffet ask the Rescue Team to defeat the Mankey Gang in Uproar Forest. In return, the team receives a peeled chestnut, which is used to convince the Mankey Gang to renovate the Rescue Team Base. Once word of Team A.C.T being defeated gets around, a new team consisting of Blastoise, Octillery and Golem go into the Magma Cavern to defeat Groudon. Once the new team is defeated, the player's rescue team goes down into the Magma Cavern to defeat Groudon themselves. After the defeat of Groudon, Xatu announces that a falling star is heading toward the planet. The only Pokémon that can destroy it is Rayquaza. Gardevoir comes to tell the player that the reason they came to the Pokémon world is to be a savior. The player then decides to erase the memories of being human to cleanse the heart and mind. Once the player defeats Rayquaza, it uses its Hyper Beam to destroy the falling star. The player is washed up in the aftermath of the explosion, and Gengar tries to take the player to the dark world. Gengar ends up taking a wrong path. The player wakes up in the midst of multiple Pokémon, who are celebrating the end of the natural disasters. The player ends up being taken back to the human world. But after wishing hard enough, ends up staying in the Pokémon world. After the credit sequence, the player and their partner find out that Snubbull has evolved into Granbull, and that entrance to the Luminous Cave is now allowed as long as the player is partner-less. After talking to Medicham, Lombre and Whiscash, you learn that there is a beast in the Stormy Sea named Kyogre. The Stormy Sea is now open for exploration. Once you get mail about a new dungeon talk to Lombre, Shiftry will then allow the player to go to the Buried Relic. Southern Cavern, Wyvern Hill, and Howling Forest will open up after receiving certain Friend Areas as rewards from missions. Once HM Surf is found in the Solar Cave, a Pokémon Spinda walks into the Pokémon Square and faints. The player and their partner take him back to the team base and Spinda informs you that it was looking for the Mirage Pokémon. He gives you the Clear Wing and goes back to Pokémon Square. Your partner suggests you go speak to Xatu. Once you speak to Xatu, he reveals that you must go to the Three Fields and defeat the Lords of the fields. Entei, the lord of the Fiery Field turns the Clear Wing into the Red Wing. Raikou, the lord of the Lightning Field turns the Red Wing into the Sunset Wing. Suicune, the lord of the Northwind Field turns the Sunset Wing into the Rainbow Wing. Once the Rainbow Wing is obtained, Mt. Faraway is unlocked. After clearing Mt. Faraway by defeating the Mirage Pokémon, Ho-Oh, the player can recruit the Three Field lords and the Mirage Pokémon. If the player goes back to the Square and talks to Spinda, he will be encouraged to go adventuring again. After getting Southern Island as a friend area, Latios steals the TMs from Kecleon Wares and goes to the Northern Range. It is revealed that Latios stole the TMs because of losing Latias in Pitfall Valley. The player saves her by using the Teleport Gem. Both Latios and Latias may join your team afterwards. Ekans and Medicham go into the Wish Cave to try to get wishes granted. Once you go and defeat Ekans, he will place a rescue request for Medicham, who's still stuck in the cave. Once you rescue Medicham, you are rewarded with the Wish Stone, which makes Jirachi grant you a wish. Medicham and Ekans reveal that Gengar is trying to climb Mt. Freeze. Gengar then asks for you to escort him up to the peak of Mt. Freeze. Gengar reveals himself as the selfish human, and the master of Gardevoir. Ninetales gives Gengar the Nine Tail Crest and sends him to Murky Cave, where the player and Gengar rescue Gardevoir. Who then joins the player's rescue team with all memories of Gengar forgotten. Once you recruit Ho-Oh a scene where Blastoise and Charizard are KO'd by a strong Pokémon in a tough dungeon. The strong Pokémon is revealed to be Mewtwo. After defeating Mewtwo twice, it is possible to recruit it. Once you recruit Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos, and talk to Alakazam, access will be granted to Silver Trench by the three birds. Xatu will appear outside the team base after recruiting Lugia. Blastoise will come and state that he saw weird things in a cave. Xatu will name the place Meteor Cave. The player gains access to Meteor Cave and it is possible to recruit Deoxys. Features : 1) Increased difficulty ! 2) Partner Pokemon are changed to : - Bagon - Beldum - Dratini - Pikachu - Elekid - Magby - Marill - Larvitar - Lombre - Nuzleaf 3) All these features stand out to be a Challenging Mystery Dungeon ! Without knowing what is Next ! ( Note : Only for players who are "MUCH EXPERT" in these Games ! ) Download Link - link dead Method to Patch the Game : 1) Get a copy of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team ( USA Version Only ) 2) Download xDelta Patcher 3) Load up the PATCH by the option - "Select Path" 4) Then load up the ROM by the option - "Select ROM" 5) Click on "Apply Patch" 6) Open up the Patched ROM 7) Profit ! Acknowledgement : - StarsMmd : He gave me the idea of Hacking a Pokemon side series Game, without him this Hack wouldn't have existed.....
  14. I can't seem to patch your hack into my ROM !
  15. ok, but how do I make a clickable signature, like its an image but when i click it, it takes me to the thread page ?
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