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  1. PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! can you make this aplication cann make the savegame at the same directoy of the program??? i have an action replay for DSi and i dont have a slot 2 card or router for the ftp server
  2. see you has updated the program thanks... hey! can i hep you with spanish traslation?
  3. i need a pokesav Pokesav BW us code output
  4. morfeo alguien hiso algun programa con estos datos?
  5. do you know what mean Rule in the mystery gift and i want a list of the values: Rule, Seal, Accessory and ribbon please
  6. M@T this tool is awsome!!! thanks, i hope you can update when Nintendo release black and white in america and europe
  7. can you make this tool can make the back up to the micro SD of the action replay dsi??
  8. Datel was released the firmware 1.25 but i dont know if this vercion can make a back up of hg and ss
  9. stop say use pokegen... some people likes use pokesav Tigerseye: try to put the save game simply names like: aaa
  10. We need a hex values Guide for Pokémon B/W
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