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  1. Is there a way to make a pokemon evolve into a mega evolution pokemon? also, is there a way to make a pokemon mega evolve into any pokemon? i tried, but it seems that you can only mega evolve pokemon that has "alternate forms", and you can only mega evolve pokemon into other pokemon, but not mega evo pokemon
  2. I have a very odd question, is there a way to transfer over the pokemon learned moves and changes data over to ruby? kinda wanna merge these changes over to rutile ruby. Please someone give me an answer, otherwise i'll have to manually do it
  3. if it lets me see the models with their animations/poses then yes please!!!! i would appreciate it so much, i'm already getting a heading over how long i've been looking around lol
  4. lol same, ill wait x.x i just wanna be able to see the models with their in-game animations and whatnot x.x
  5. I did that, however, for some reason, once it reaches the 0/0 section, the program stops working whenever i click "close program" it just continues to the next one, to prompt me again that pack stopped working
  6. Wait, I'm confused, which ZIP file? the one in the attachment? because i did, but it's still the same x.x I've also used the same Ohana3DS within that file, and thats the one that loads nothing but grid on the BCH files x.x
  7. This is the main directory and these are some of the folders pretty much all the other directories inside the xmodels folder have the .bch files added in as for when i open ohana, it literally shows nothing, just the grid, no models, no textures, nothing
  8. I tried to open the bch files earlier, but ohana literally shows nothing :c theres also no 0/0/7.garc_ directory either x.x it feels like it didnt extract the files at all
  9. cant see the attachment file :c also, whenever I attempt using the garc.bat i get this
  10. um, i followed everything it says, and its not working for me, im stuck at using the "garc.bat" file. if you could make a screenshot tutorial on how the files should be looking like, that'd be a great help
  11. I managed to be able to export and edit the textures, but what i want to know is, can i get the idle animations for pokemon with this? if so how? :c been looking for a couple of hours now and i cant find anything x.x
  12. Little question, since its ok to randomize, i assume it is also alright to manually modify the typing and such, which leads me to wondering, since idk where to ask this cuz I'm a nub, is there a faster way of modifying the pokemon types and learned moves? because i kinda wanted to add in the neo x/y style changes o 3o
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