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  1. can that pokemon be transferred to 5th gen and then pass through the bank?
  2. if we edit the hatched pokemon with flawless IV in all stat, without editing the PID, is it legal?
  3. wow I think finding wild shiny is the one that near impossible, but this is more than that. but from what I read, the PID of bred Pokemon doesn't include the IV Spread, it's just the nature, gender, and abilty, is it true? if it's true than we can safely make a pokemon with flawless iv spread, right?
  4. Yes, I agree it's hard. How many times I try, I can't get the flawless IV in all stat. I follow the guide pressed the button at the right time, but I still can't get the flawless IV. The best I get is 31/31/31/7/16/31. If I use the normal method non RNGing, is it take a long time to get that spread?
  5. thanks for the link. all I need is just the stopwatch and a skill to make it in time for button pressing?
  6. I don't know if this is the right place to ask this. If i'm wrong please tell me where the thread to ask this stuff. I just want to know what affect PID in 3rd Generation Pokemon Games? Is it IV, Nature, PokeBall, or something else?
  7. I have a Ditto Naughty Nature with flawless HP and Speed, a Ditto Quirky Nature with flawless Attack and Defense, and a Beldum from Steven. And after a dozens of Eggs, I managed to bred a Beldum Calm Nature with 3 flawless IV, that is HP, Attack, and Defense. The question is: Is it possible to breed 4 or more flawless IV in Pokemon Emerald? If it's possible, how many eggs needed for that possibility? Now I have a Beldum with 3 flawless IV but the Nature isn't the one I want, if I breed that Beldum with Adamant Ditto (with no flawless IV), do I need to repeat the steps from the start? Thanks sorry for my bad english.
  8. Can anyone share Pokemon Emerald or any Generation III saves with possibly all legal Pokemon? I want to trade that Pokemon to my save file to complete my Emerald Pokedex with legal Pokemon, and transfer it to my Platinum with the same reason. Thanks
  9. thanks, that's really help. I did input the code M + Anti DMA + 2 Groups of Code, save and reset it until all of the codes have been input. And yes, that's work. I use the Morfeo's code, the key item is in English, but the Delivery men and the wonder card are in Spanish. I don't mind if it's Spanish or something, I just want you to know that. All I want is already here, the event and the pokemon. thanks for this thread and whoever made that code
  10. Hi, this is a great project, I've looking everywhere for this one, and finally I've found it here. But, I've tried a couple times and have no luck. I trying this one on VBA 1.8Link with Wireless Adapter on. This is what I do: 1. I put the Master Code + Anti DMA + The desired code event for Emerald. I use the code from the first page 2. I save my game and reset it. 3. And then I go to the 2F of Pokemon Center but the delivery men isn't there. My question is, is there something wrong in what I do there? Please give me solution. Thanks
  11. So, my Pokemon is still legal in Generation V?
  12. Sinon

    Poké Transfer

    I got Hacked or Unknown Pokemon in Legality Checker when I transfer my Pal Park-ed Milotic in HG from Sapphire to Gen V. is this all right or i have to do something with it first? this is my file, can anyone check it? Milotic - 4th.pkm Milotic - 4th_Transfered.pkm Milotic.pkm
  13. Thanks for the program Kaphotics. I just want to report this, I'm transferring my Pokemon from Sapphire to HG and when i check at Legality Checker it says valid in all parameter with Unkwon GBA Type. So I have a valid Pokemon from my Sapphire in HG. But the problem is when I transfer that Pokemon to my Black 2 from my HG file, it's valid in all parameter but with Hacked or Unknown Pokemon. Is that all right? or I have done something wrong while transferring?
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