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  1. Not sure what you mean by "masters", but the source has most certainly been updated. The artifacts on TeamCity have not been updated lately, but the Github master branch of pknx has been updated pretty regularly recently. This is what builds are compiled from.
  2. Sorry to hear that. I was using Shield, if that matters. Remember that this whole thing is a work in progress and there's a lot to consider. I've attached a newer build that should fix some things, though not all. pkNX.zip
  3. I went with this NXDumpTool and my folders are named in lower case with no spaces. This gave me a lot of trouble at first as well so hopefully this helps you. On that note, I understand the author here doesn't want to troubleshoot other people's work, but an example of which programs' dumps will work could save a lot of headache since many tools give varied output (full binary dumps of romfs as one file, folder namings, etc.)
  4. Ah that's fair. The commit titles combined with hearsay made me think it was ready. Thanks for getting back on it!
  5. Here's my build of what was on github as of this posting. But anyways, I have a bug report I guess? Opening "Wild_SW" or "Wild_SH" works once, but then after closing, even without saving, reopening only shows blanks for all areas. Deleting the folder created after opening it fixes this, but I assume that's not intended. pkNX.zip
  6. Not as they are or they probably would have been there. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the mega evos and alternate forms are stored under one pokemon whereas actual evolutions link separate pokemon which are actually entirely different entities. Its the difference between applying a change to an existing object like in the case of alt forms/mega evos (since mega evos are technically alternate forms as you may know) in the case of some type of form change and actually swapping one object for an entirely different object while retaining certain variables (moves, iv's, ev's, etc.) in the case of evolution, if that makes sense. Edit: That said, being able to add and edit pokemon as well as alternate forms would be very cool although likely involved.
  7. If you go through the process, you should get a romfs folder. Within that, you find a number of files, but the ones you'll likely want are in the the subfolders of the a folder. These are garc files which Ohana should be able to open itself and dump files from. There's no real marks to denote any of them as anything specific until you unpack and view the files within them, but I can tell you A\0\0\8 contains the Pokemon, A\1\1\4 contains Super Training stuff, A\1\3\3 contains high quality character models, and A\0\2\1 contains overworld models. I haven't kept great notes on what's where, but that should give you something to start with along with whatever Rei has listed on the first post.
  8. Basically, you want to follow this guide for recompiling and be on PastaCFW (not sure what cfw is available so forgive me if I sound silly saying that): https://gbatemp.net/threads/tutorial-how-to-decrypt-extract-rebuild-3ds-roms-run-xy-oras-without-update.383055/ You don't actually need to even mess with the xorpads with the newer method. Compile it all as a .cia and I believe you should be able to load your modified game fine. And to my knowledge, this cannot be done with a retail cartridge. You certainly can't edit the cartridge itself.
  9. So uh, I loaded this up, picked the female trainer, and picked Fennekin. Then the game just soft locked. Was using Y patch 1.5 and version 1.05 of Neo Y. I manually installed by copy pasting the contents of 1.05 romfs into a and then full version of 1.05 romfs (in that order since it was unclear what exactly to put into it) into a as well replacing any files needed. It was working somewhat since I saw the altered dialogue, but for whatever reason it just stopped as soon as it went back to overworld after I picked Fennekin. Edit: Same thing with male trainer. Starter doesn't seem to affect it...
  10. I can confirm it is definitely possible with .3ds files as long as you use Gateway to boot them. As I said, the main problem just ends up being the issue of format incompatibility. You could swap Archie over Brendan or whatever just fine. Just don't expect sticking Lysandre in to work because I'm 99% sure that without extra effort that it won't load.
  11. If I recall correctly, ORAS models seemed to have a little less in the animation files and more in the model files in comparison to the XY models based on the file sizes of the X and Y trainers. So basically, the ORAS models are a slightly different model type. That's why if you look at the XY trainers from an XY rom and the ones from an ORAS rom their faces look a bit different in Ohana. Unfortunately, whatever the difference is appears to be enough to make the games give up on trying to load swaps from one to the other.
  12. Hmm, so I completed a randomizer nuzlocke runthrough just now (many kudos to you for making your awesome tool that made that possible), but the game soft-locked directly before the cutscene where May/Brendan asks you to battle them in the credits after beating the elite four the first time. I randomized Personal, Level Ups, Wild, Egg Moves, and Trainers. I used some modified May models over her alone however these loaded up correctly 100% of the time where they were observable in the game so I feel its highly unlikely to be that. Not really sure what might have happened, but if this is an issue with the randomizer I feel like it'd be good to report.
  13. If you're asking about if a program specifically to do that exists, than no. There's technically nothing that should be stopping it from being created although I'm not sure there's too much research into modifying the types of things you'd want to for this. There is some memory hacking stuff you can do I believe to change around what is or isn't a shadow Pokemon, but no info on hardmodding that to my knowledge. tldr, no on the randomizer as far as I'm aware. Custom textures on the other hand are VERY possible. I'm not sure what process you would need to do to hard mod that (though I feel like its possible with current knowledge), BUT you can tell Dolphin to dump textures and then have it load modified versions of the dumps. You would pretty much need to find whatever object you wanted to modify (ex. find a pikachu ingame so its textures are dumped) and then from there it would be cake to mess with it. This method wouldn't be letting you play with the modifications on your Wii/GC of course obviously. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable on the topic than me could elaborate more, but for now I'd say texture mods yes, shadow pokemon mods, no.
  14. Not sure if this is the right place to post something like this, but I figured I'd release this here since it might be enjoyed. [video=youtube;C2eUwbrNb4k] Should be able to replace all May models properly. The contest one is just a palette swap, but I wasn't really interested in changing up that model when I realistically believe it would be used that often. Download Here Is there any listing of where specific texture sets are? I would probably update this with 2d Art changes if I knew where to look for what needs to be changed. Edit: And on a side note, I really ought to mention that its very cool seeing all of the work that's been put into Ohana. Its a pretty awesome program to be able to use for this and the work put into it really shows.
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