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  1. You can always change the ability, only thing it can affect if it doesn't match what the game is looking for it might not be tradeable online.
  2. If it caught from den you can adjust the ability, or you can breed one and change the ability.
  3. Like your post said, he could just inject the pk7 file but he would have no home ID on the pokemon, not sure how the game check when a pokemon from a different region enter home from sword and shield.
  4. Find your Frosmoth, then open it up it viewing tab pkhex by right click on the pokemon and select view, then go to the ability section, change it and then right click again and click set, to make the changes.
  5. I assume it would be fine as long it doesn't get deposited into home, since it doesn't have a home tracker, not sure how pokemon home treat transferred pokemon with no home tag.
  6. Just edit your and hatch one and toss the one that was edited.
  7. You are better off using two units, one for all your hacking/editing purpose and one unit for your online gameplay.
  8. Here you go 1.2 Shield Save, on Isle of Armor. Not my save, got it off someone else back in November, feel free to use it. main poke_trade backup
  9. It is no point to have a 1.2 save if your game update is on lower version, just simply update your game that all.
  10. I think the UI being cutoff has to do with the text size setting under control panel -> Display, I had mine on 125% instead of 100% maybe that why the text is partially cut off. No big deal.
  11. There seem to be a problem, the updated version gave me an internal error occurred screen where the program doenst detect the dongle. Problem seem to be the modified version, the un mod one work fine.
  12. The modified version of the CyberGadget save editor no longer work, the dongle still work with the official software, just that the function of decrypting the save, pausing it to edit stuff, and re-encrypt no longer work. You could always use the tubehax/ironhax method to export the save and run it on Pkhex.
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