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  1. Galarian Moltres says invalid : unable to match encounter in original game. 146-01 - Moltres - 416DE553FD0A.pk8
  2. Well there will be legitimacy error that needs to be fixed, my galarian moltres says invalid : unable to match encounter from original game.
  3. Go to a forum such as gamefaqs or neoseeker trade for those pokemon if you don't have a modded unit.
  4. There is no unban method for the switch out there, I'm afraid you need to buy another unit if you want to play online. If you want to edit pokemon via pkhex do all your editing on one unit and play online on another.
  5. It shouldn't flag it as virus, it is pkhex not pkhax by the way.
  6. Probably obtained via coin case glitch on the VC version of Crystal. Probably legit.
  7. You going have to either play the game yourself or find files to inject them into USUM and then transfer to Sword, XD stuffs are rare, since they are Gen III.
  8. Pretty sure you have to repack the game if you want to change that, it is part of the game data.
  9. Should just rebattle the league tournament to update the home page.
  10. Shouldn't really used Shield save on Sword, or vice versa, the home page pokemon get updated as you finish completing against the league tournament.
  11. You can transfer item by attaching the item to a pokemon during trade.
  12. You can look through the downloads section of the forum, there are some Gale of XD/Colosseum files.
  13. Probably got something badly genned, that probably what flagged the move, something like powersave fake event would trigger that.
  14. You can batch edit within pkhex to allow you to change the OT to your name.
  15. You can inject pk1 to pk7 files into a gen 8 save using pkhex, there is a projectpokemon 802 pokemon collection on the forum looks for that, as for gen 8 trading from CFW to Non CFW unit you can only do one by one, If you want to mass transfer from older gen like gen 6 and 7 games you can transfer them from a 3DS pokemon games into bank to transfer to home, requires a subscription. Keep in mind if you inject older gen pk1- pk7 files directly into sword and shield , don't deposit them into home, as they have no home ID, not exactly sure what is the punishment for depositing pk1 to pk7 fil
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