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  1. Hello projectpokemon.org, I seek to hire a skilled coder to perform save file research and build an unlocking function into PKHeX for unlocking all the flying locations for the Kalos & Hoenn maps in the games XY & ORAS. I am willing to negotiate towards paying/donating a great deal of money for accomplishing this task. I was quite satisfied how there's the unlock all map locations in the 2017 games of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. If there's anyone who's interested in working on developing the unlock all flying locations into PKHeX, then please Email me at ksalame10@gmail.com. Thank you very much.
  2. Dear Mr. Manager, I thank you very much for your clear explanation on how to analyze, mod, and compare save files using HxD Hex Editor. But, do you think you can hire a skilled coder to complete this task? I'm currently quite busy working as a Teacher assistant at my local Technical Learning Center, and I happen to live close to 3 students with Learning Disabilities in my area. They just happen to enjoy playing Pokemon XY & ORAS on their 3DS. Unfortunately, I just haven't got the time to put effort into testing & modding my save file with a hex editor. Would it be easier if you can simply hire a trusted and experienced coder to accomplish this task for me? I've heard the developers of PKHeX have used "Citra" an advanced 3DS Emulator for Windows PC, although too bad it requires a gaming computer with high processing power in order to run smoothly. Since, I really want PKHeX to include the unlock all flying locations on map feature. Therefore, I am willing to pay/donate (via PayPal, etc...) a great deal of money to the coder as well as this community. Please notify me about your decision on my offer. Thank you.
  3. PKHeX request: Can you guys add an unlock all flying locations function in the Kalos & Hoenn maps for the games XY & ORAS? It's great how there's the unlock all map locations in the 2017 games of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. If you finish adding the unlock all flying locations for both XY & ORAS, please do send me an Email at ksalame10@gmail.com confirming that you've added them. My younger neighbours are still unable to reach certain locations in their Kalos & Hoenn games. Thank you.