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  1. I tried keep reroll and hit shiny button and it works. make sure to press "Reroll" then hit "shiny" not square shiny but normal shiny. If still error repeat the processes { "Reroll" then hit "shiny" }
  2. Hi idk if this had been asked, but if i transfer some of the event mon like "Shiny solgaleo" to my switch then trade it to my other switch will it stay as legal? to SWSH. Or do i need to transfer it to home 1st?
  3. All pokemon caught in Max raid had error and some from the wild area also had some error "Unable to match an encounter from origin game" i caught them from max raid battle and when load the save to pkhex i get this error. Edit : its working fine on PKHeX (191115)d "Some of them"
  4. I see. I understand now. thank you for the replies! I really appreciate it. Again thank you.
  5. I see.. I try to do them from scratch. i guess thats the problem?
  6. i did some searching and it does says that Thwackey have the hidden ability through breeding.
  7. By HAs you mean Hidden Ability's then yes.
  8. Ive encounter this error when editing Thwackey and others starters in swsh
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