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  1. Ah, okay noted. Pardon since I didn't know but thank you for clarifying.
  2. So should I take it as a legit Shiny Celebi then?
  3. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that it was obtained through the coin case glitch. But how to explain the TID though? Does it have to be that specific ID to transfer over or what?
  4. Hello, first time here on the forums and I'm looking to see if anyone can help me see if a Shiny Celebi I got traded is even legit, or at least legal. not nicknamed Level 30 Virtual Console mark Moves (w/ proper PP) - Heal Bell, Safeguard, Ancient Power & Future Sight 5IV (only Decent attack) no EVs OT: Velma (31121) Obtained through VC Coin Case glitch What bothers me is that I know that the ID is from a Japanese Celebi event. So if anyone can explain why this is the case, and if Shiny Celebi is legit/legal or not, I would much appreciat
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