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  1. when you speak to bel at the dream ruins half the conversation is i japanese

    is this intended?

    I guess it wasn't finished. I'm playing through now and translating anything that isn't already translated. I have to go through the gym 1st and then I'll get to that part of the Dream Ruins.

    i got a vid its just that im still recording

    Alright cool. Also don't worry about the battle text for N, or for the 2nd battles with Bel and Cheren. They might not be in V3, but I got them done.

  2. sweet, how far has the game been translated to? i have to play it to that point several times to find more bugs.

    I think most of it up to Sanyou City. There's also random stuff that's translated in the other parts of the game.

    The last 2 days of ruin's work isn't in this patch, as the changes were never sent to me.

    Once I get the changes, they will be added.

    He said he was pretty sick :frown:

  3. Agreed :') its so awesome how fast this is moving along (BEAT THIS GAMEFREAK)

    Edit:Is the save text gonna be translated?

    Yeah it's translated.

    ok i dont want to end the happiness , but i have been watching karosuu saying hes going to merge the patch in an hour , That means the patch is going to be up in an hour? :S

    He said the most current merge of forks was an hour ago. Lol you misread it

  4. Hi im posting in this thread for the first time and im fascinated by everyones'

    progress on the translation so far.:grog:

    And ,

    I tested out the patch and here are a few bugs:

    the shiny pokemon forme names on the pokedex are slightly elevated.

    heart sweets description absent etc to name a few.

    And *giggles* just to help all u translators out there ポケルマ seems to be PokeRus but

    it seems to be missing in 159 summary description narc file.Do correct me if im wrong.

    P.S What is the time there?:smile:

    5:40 PM in my area.

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