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  1. On my way to Liberty Island, the captain of the ship said something like: "Perfect timing, we were just about to leave\xf000븁"

    Also, battling a Minezumi, it uses Detect, and it says "The Foe's Minezumi Protected itself!x" Random x after the exclamation mark.

    Just fixed the captain error. And yeah we'll still need to work on the random trainers, so I think it would be good to input this entire script, and then work with whatever is left.

    OMFG I'm doing the end of the main story and this **** is amazing. You guys are gonna be in major shock when you play through this!!!

  2. While browsing BulbaGarden, I found a thread that supposedly has the full script for in game dialog for black / white translated.


    I decided to skim through this and it seems to cover everything and looks good. Maybe this could help you guys in some way.

    Maybe help us?...You mean DEFINITELY HELP!!! Epic win right there. Now we just gotta make sure we place everything correctly and we'll be good to go!

    S***...that's an awesoome translation.

  3. currently looking for http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc503/ruinairas/FUCKUMON_40_3704.png and I'm going to take a little break. I'm hungry and need to rest my eye balls.

    I already got that kid. He's at lines 29-31

    You might have to update that file in the narc because somehow one of the lines got deleted earlier.

    i was there in augest and it was just a bus and a train from philly where i was staying for 2 weeks. i go to philly almost every year.

    also last class? what are you going to school for? im in game programming.

    I'm going for Electrical Technology, and then I'll branch off into engineering later. Game programming is hardcore stuff man :grog:

  4. you ever ben? i got a cup and shirt from the nintendo world store up there.

    I was there about a month ago. I just need to take a bus and a train and I'm there.:cool:

    Take your time. I've got a lot to do my self, but lets try to get this done in 2 days if possible. Any mistypes like /xxxpoka??? can be fixed by me as I love doing that especially when I got the "f your pokemon when out of PP" one time. It was funny to me!

    Alright cool. I'll do some more in a few hours when I get home. I'm off to my last class.

  5. you know what just because no one will f******* help me roms roms roms i need roms thanks for rom link where can i get roms so thats were i can get roms roms roms roms roms roms roms roms roms roms roms roms roms that is all :)

    That was unnecessary...just wait a little bit cause some guys are busy right now. Maybe they can help you later when they log on. And college students still have class today, so just work with their schedule for today lol

  6. ^_^ People may be suprized I might have this town ready for the next patch too =D

    I'll leave dream ruins for you to do if you wish. I dislike doing large amounts of event texts like the team plasma there. It takes to much out of me in one setting. I like getting all the other stuff done first, but If we could get that done too then we'll have it good. I'm finishing up route 3 now.

    Alright cool. Dream Ruins can be finished today, and Hiun City might take some time lol. That place is HUGE! It really does remind me of NY:cool:

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