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  1. Zaneris and I, as well as other users have been eliminating methods that don't work. We haven't been successful yet, but there are still methods that we are able to implement. Hopefully we'll get closer over the next few days.
  2. V4 is released. We might end up having another release this weekend, but bug test as usual, and report them in the support thread please.
  3. I wouldn't expect 100% story until the US release. If it's not essential to getting through the game, it won't be prioritized. (With the exception of PokeStar Studios) We have 100% items... This person speaks the truth. As Kaarosu said, this is done in our free time, so we're not going to be releasing stuff as quickly. The first three patches were essentially getting as much of the info from Black and White translated as we could. We're getting more in depth now to new features and menus. Patience is key.
  4. Just remember, we have a support and feedback thread for bugs. Most of the reported ones have been fixed.
  5. If I do romanized names, it'll be for every Pokemon. Not just the Unova region ones. I'll have it for v4. Just to let you guys know, v4 won't be released as quickly as the other patches, since we bunch a lot of stuff into just 5 days. There's some essentials that we plan to have ready, but we'll need time to recover from brain shock lol.
  6. I think these are them. DATs for v1.1 & v2 We're still having trouble making the patches compatible for all flashcarts. For now, you may have to play on an emulator if your flashcart has problems with it. We'll try to fix this issue again soon.
  7. We're working on a patch the keep the game at 512 MB. We'll update them ASAP.
  8. Post any bugs you find in the game, and let us know what you think! Whenever possible, provide us with a SAV file to test out for where you encounter that specific problem. You can PM either Kaarosu or myself so that we can test out whatever may be causing the problem. Thanks in advance. Currently known bugs in V3
  9. Lol...there's nothing wrong with what you're playing it with. Those dialogues just hadn't been fully translated yet.
  10. Thanks! Added to OP. I'm doing the fixes for the beginning of the game now.
  11. Spaces shrunk down to single spacing There were triple, and sometimes even quadruple spaces earlier.
  12. Kaarosu will be making a guide on how to make it work on ys menu and other stuff.
  13. Try repatching again. It was fine for me in both games. It should say something like "Let me introduce you to your rival." The actual dialogue from Black and White is in that file, but is unused. Welcome to the world of Pokemon text. Make sure you're patching a clean game. Those options are translated fine for me. Also, preview for v3, courtest of Codr and Bond697!
  14. Ah I forgot the match case option then. I'll reverse the accidental edits soon.
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