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  1. Agreed. The part that COULD be worked on, however, are parts like the introduction and puzzle parts (e.g. Gyms).

    It's just hard finding stuff because most of it is out of order. Some Elite Four stuff was in the 140s, while the beginning of the game was around the 430s. And there's just a bunch of dumb test message files. We really need a separate thread if we have people that are serious about translating the story.

  2. @soneek just wondering are u translating some of the story txts ?

    Yeah I'm just working on whatever I can figure out. I'm doing the Hall of Fame induction now.

    Is it really necessary to translate the storyline? :S

    Probably not, but it'd be fun to know what's going on, especially since we'll have a good number of people working on it. Better than waiting 6-8 months for the US release...though I'm still gonna buy it

  3. Here's 0000/0438.txt for the story translation project located here: http://github.com/projectpokemon/Pokemon-Black-White-Story-Translation-Files

    0438.txt (Original)

    1 あんた! ポケモンを そだてるため\xfffeたたかわせるのも だいじだけど\xf000븁\x0000たいりょくが へったときは\xfffeポケモンセンターに つれていきなよ
    2 トレーナーさん モンスターボールは\xfffeいくつ もってるのかしら?\xf000븁\x0000すくないと おもったら\xfffeポケモンセンターの なかにある\xf000븀\x0000ショップで かうのが ベストね!
    3 あっ! ポケモン!\xfffeいいなぁ うらやましいなぁ\xf000븀\x0000\xfffeぼくも トレーナーに なりたい!

    0438.txt (Translated)

    1 Trainer! Your Pokémon will grow\xfffethrough battling, but it's important\xf000븁\x0000to take care of them when they get tired.\xfffe Pokémon need plenty of care.
    2 Do you have\xfffeenough Poké Balls ?\xf000븁\x0000The best place to get more\xfffeis at the shop inside of\xf000븀\x0000the Pokémon Center!
    3 Ah! Pokémon!\xfffeI'm jealous...\xf000븀\x0000\xfffeI want to be a trainer too!

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