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  1. Seconding the question about randomizing overworld items, would be neat. But mostly I wanted to ask about the Berry piles in SM. The encounter tables of routes with Berry piles have sections with 100% Crabrawler, so I assumed changing those changes the Pokémon encountered via that method, simple as that. But despite my changing it, Crabrawler is still the only thing that appears. Is there something more I should do or is this maybe stored in another of those "a/" files, since I didn't copy all of them (I'm using the Luma patching).
  2. eworm

    Crystal Save Error

    Solved on the latest commit, thread to close.
  3. eworm

    Crystal Save Error

    Trying to save VC Crystal's sav.dat results in an error as seen below: Any idea of what causes it? It happens even when I open the sav.dat and the immediately try to save it without editing anything.
  4. The type effectiveness table is in code.bin (in ExeFS this time) @ 0x497554 In 1.1 update it's 0x499550 I couldn't find the info, so I found it myself. Here it is for others who have been looking.
  5. Having the exact same issues. I have a 64bit system, the "December 10th" version, decrypted files, can't think what else I could be missing. I haven't, unfortunately. But well, now it's SM time anyway.
  6. It would be convenient if the editing of the trainer's clothes in XY was more clear than "insert random numbers and see what you find". Maybe with a "key" file that explains what value dictates what?
  7. I assume adding ΩRαS-exclusive Megas, forms and items to X/Y would be more complicated than just replacing a few select .cro files? How about at least the updated learnsets?
  8. ^I have made a hack that connects to the Internet by repacking the newest update's CIA and using these files to combine+replace the repacked game CIA's files before making my changes. The resulting hack still asks for an update, but works perfectly.
  9. Would it be possible to change the effect of some items with pk3DS?
  10. I created a hack based on Pokémon Omega Ruby and its 1.4 update - thanks to which, the hack allows me to go online. This got me thinking - what can and can't be done with this? If I tried to trade a Pokémon with hacked moves, stats, typing, Ability or anything of the above, would I be able to do so? Would Wonder Trading, GTS trading or local trading all be possible? And if so, would any of those elements return to normal on the receiving game? If I wanted to play a match with modified type chart, moves or Pokémon (types, stats, Abilities etc), would it be possible? Would local and online bot
  11. Normal/Ghost would, just like Fairy/Ghost, have no weaknesses indeed. So I decided to alter my chart a bit. After much deliberation, those are the changes I implemented, some of which are "going back to normal" actually. Enjoy the chain: no longer immune to Fairy, just resistant (-) now strong against Ghost (+) now weak to Grass (-) now strong against Steel (+) now weak to Ghost (-) back to not being weak to Dark (+) back to not being strong against Steel (-) no longer weak to Bug (+) no longer strong against Dark (-) now strong against
  12. Oh hey, someone actually read this. Let me address a few things: · I admit I missed the Fairy/Ghost lack of weaknesses. Even though such a Pokémon doesn't exist (though it's coming and it's adorable), it is in fact possible to use Trick-or-Treat on a Fairy-type this gen. I do think having a combination with absolute zero weaknesses means risking creating something too good... But in this case, such a Pokémon would have no resistances either - only immunities to Dragon, Normal and Fighting. And even those are offset by how both its STAB options can be completely ineffective against Normal or G
  13. Adding to the above question, could pk3DS allow for editing what items can be found in Rock Smash rocks? Or maybe it already does and I'm just missing it?
  14. Say, could pk3DS make HMs work like TMs - as in, make the moves removable without the Move Deleter? Or is that programmed somewhere we have no access to?
  15. How un-researched is it? Do we know at least if it's in the .cro files or not?
  16. We know pk3DS is able to edit moves. It also is able to edit the type chart. But the latter requires cro editing, which renders the hacks unusable without the right custom firmware. Looking for an alternative, I came upon an idea. Is it possible to add special type-effectiveness for attacks? Surely, You know what I mean. Freeze-Dry is an Ice attack, yet it's super-effective on Water-types, ignoring the chart. Flying Press is a Fighting attack, yet it has an added Flying-type effectiveness, resulting in a completely different offensive capabilities. Would it be possible - and if so, how - to
  17. Sorry for double-posting but something came to mind - would it be possible, at all, to - instead of changing the type chart in the DllBattle.cro file - add special type-effectiveness to moves? Flying Press and Freeze-Dry, for example, clearly work differently - would it be possible to freely adjust the effectiveness of other moves? Or are those exceptions impossible to replicate in any way?
  18. So... I looked into it quite a lot and it would seem that at the moment there is absolutely no known way to play a CIA-edited game on a 11.0.33 console without messing with the hardware (in order to downgrade in order to install custom firmware). Is this correct? Or did I miss some weird possibility?
  19. Would it be possible to add a type effectiveness editor and play with a different type chart? I'd like to adjust it in a way that gives all types the exact same number of strengths and weaknesses - and see whether it feels more balanced or just ridiculous. Also @Asia81 (up), the links in Your signature don't work. Which is a shame, I'm interested in those tutorials.
  20. We probably all know that some types are objectively better or worse than others - so as a mental exercise I've tried to change the type chart and make every single type equally good, with the same amount of strong and weak points. I am aware that stats, Abilities, movesets and more are all elements that will still make some Pokémon better than others, but it's a step in the right direction. Now I'd love to see a rom edit of XY and/or ΩRαS that uses my new type chart. No other changes necessary, just modified type effectiveness. First of all, my thought process. Every existing type I
  21. Is there a way You could explain how to change the type effectiveness in Your new chart? Sure, the majority stays the same, just adding Fairy-type as an attacking type - but the hex chart is 18x17, so I can't figure out how to change Fairy-type's defensive properties. I'm trying to modify Black 2 in order to test my theoretically-perfectly-balanced type chart... My only guess is that the Fairy-type's weaknesses, resistances and immunities are somehow hidden in this part: 0×0C312 : 112A 08D0 => 122A 08DA 0×11226 : 1128 02D1 => 1228 02DB 0×21884 : 11 => 12 0×21896 : 11 => 12 0×218
  22. To whom it may concern, AWESOME job on PKHeX, guys! I was wondering though, if it would be possible for PKHeX to automatically match Vivillon's pattern to whatever its region of origin is set to be. Better yet, the opposite - if the list of possible region selections automatically narrowed down to the ones matching the wings. It would have to function for Scatterbug and Spewpa as well, obviously... What do you think? If it proves too complicated for something so small, forget it. <^^'
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