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  1. Download an older version (1.7.0) or wait for the next version, which fixes that problem.
  2. I believe EV investment is by using binary. Convert binary to hex with this. 000000 means no investment in anything, where 111111 means investment in everything (Note that EV's will still have their 510 limit, so giving it 111111 means it will have 85 EV's in everything.) Basically 0-0-0-0-0-0 is HP-Atk-Def-Speed-Spdef-Spatk. So for Sp. Atk and Speed, it would be... 0-0-0-1-0-1. Which is 101, which is 05.
  3. Remember: The data begins with the species. So what you have is: DC 00 00 00 03 00 B5 01 BC 00 59 00 4F 00 11 0F D6 00 00 00 06 00 7E 00 The part in red is what you want to leave out. That's data from previous/next Pokemon. Then you'll get: 03 00 B5 01 BC 00 59 00 4F 00 11 0F D6 00 00 00 Ta-daa! That's exactly one Pokemon. 03 00 = Venusaur B5 01 = Leaf Storm BC 00 = Sludge Bomb 59 00 = Earthquake 4F 00 = Sleep Powder 11 = EV's in Atk + Sp. Atk 0F = Modest nature D6 00 = White Herb Does it make sense? :tongue:
  4. If I'm correct, the PWT data is the same structure as the Pt/HGSS Battle Frontier. I got a tutorial on how to edit that here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?26279-Tutorial-Editing-Battle-Frontier-Tower-Pokemon The second post also has a small tool for editing the files. It's a really unstable one, but I hope it helps you. (It also only supports Pokemon/items up to gen IV.) Just to be clear: This is for editing the individual Pokemon. You need to extract the Pokemon file, edit it with the tool or hex, save it, and reinsert it in the narc.
  5. This seems like a very serious corruption problem. I think you should load your last backup. If you haven't made a backup in a long while, or none, then I don't know how to fix it...but ask many great Romhackers, you should always backup your rom (Off-topic...nice to see Chandelure and Lucario in there ;p)
  6. Ethan's Mugshot is in file a/1/0/9. You want to edit file 209.recn I suggest you do so with Tinke, as you can simply export/import .png files.
  7. If you'd like to modify the TMs in hex, you have to edit them in the arm9.bin file. I can't exactly remember the location, but if you search for D4 01 51 01 60 01 in the arm9 file, you'll probably find it. D4 01 is Hone Claws. (You need to flip the hex data; D4 01 becomes 1D4. Then you need to convert that to decimal, which is 468 (I use this to convert. Check this list to see the move numbers.) So D4 01 = 1D4 = move 468 = Hone Claws = TM01 51 01 = 151 = move 337 = Dragon Claw = TM02 60 01 = 160 = move 352 = Water Pulse = TM03 Remember that you need to edit TM compatibility afterwards.
  8. Try searching for a hack called Pokémon Apollo.
  9. Here's how you use flags.... Scr_1 Lockall Faceplayer Checkflag 890 //This number must be altered for other events. It checks if a flag has been set. CheckLR 1 func_1 //If the flag has been set, go to func_1 <YOUR SCRIPT> Setflag 890 Releaseall End func_1 Message 2 //Display a message like "We already battled before" Waitbutton CloseMsgOnKeyPress Releaseall End Also, when using this command... make sure func_2 contains...
  10. Thank you for posting that page, but sadly it doesn't list what I'm looking for. Perhaps I formulated my question wrongly. I'm looking for the ram values that give the X and Y positions. while true do gui.text(0,0, string.format("X: %d, Y: %d", memory.readword(0x0XXXXXXX,2), memory.readword(0x0XXXXXXX,2))) emu.frameadvance() end I'd like to get this script working for Platinum, but I don't have the correct values. I'm sure somebody has them. If it could be posted in this thread, I'd be grateful.
  11. Sorry to bump, but I was wondering if somebody has the position values for Pokemon Platinum? I can find Diamond/Pearl/HG/SS's, but strangely not Platinums. Thanks in advance.
  12. The starters will just evolve without the national pokedex...that's only a problem in gen III. But if you really want to add the national dex, you should do so by script editing.
  13. PCR - Pokemon Rom Changer. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?17426-Pokemon-ROM-Changer Pretty much an all-in-one editor.
  14. When I was trying to create some tools in C# (which I suck in) I made a small one to make this a bit easier. Please note that this is incredibly unstable as this was my first tool I made. Instructions are in the download, but it's really easy to use, so I don't think that'll be needed. Frontier Editor..zip
  15. I tried looking into it more, I found something... Instead of editing the trainers, go to maps. There, select the map where the trainer is you want to change. Go to events > overworlds. There's a script attached to the trainer you want to edit. Example: Go to map route 204. It has trainer 13, 14 and 15. Their overwolds have script 3012, 3013 and 3014. Route 204 also has twins. They are trainer 15. Their overwolds are 2 and 3. (Same sprite, standing next to each other, etc.) They have two scripts attached to them: 1 has 3014 and one has 5014 3 and 5. That's the difference, I think. That's what makes them check for double battles. So if you want a double battle, you should add two NPC's, one with 3XXX and one with 5XXX (Where XXX is the trainer number.) But this is a lot of work, so you might want to go with scripting.
  16. Ah, I see. When going for the first method (plain trainer,) use the double battle checkbox with a double battle trainer class. That should work!
  17. I did make a Black hack where everything's a triple battle. http://www.mediafire.com/?nud588ab152drpt (Note: A very few don't have moves and will use struggle.) But I understand if this isn't what you're looking for. If you really want double battles, that's going to be a problem... PPRE does weird and last time I edited trainers in BW to double battles it froze the game- but I'm sure that's fixed now. Good luck!
  18. When editing a plain trainer (one that shows an "!" and walks up to you) make sure the trainer class you've set is double battle material (i.e. twins, bro and sis, young couple, etc.) don't use the "double battle" command in PPRE. It's broken. When editing a scripted trainer, don't use the TrainerBattle command. Instead, use DoubleBattle.
  19. You'd gain help a lot faster if you'd use proper grammar. I don't know what you mean. Could you show us a picture before editing and after?
  20. Really? Well, I guess I shouldn't believe everything smogon says then
  21. I'm just wondering... Are you still 'Seeking Partners'? I have a lot of free time and I know some things about hex editing, so I was wondering if I could be of any assistance.
  22. I believe the AI doesn't quite know how to handle Return/Frustration. You might want to prefer other attacks, such as Strength or Rock Climb. EDIT: Here's an article about the BW subway: CPU prefers attacks that will KO one of your Pokemon An exception to the above, the CPU doesn't use the following moves properly: Gyro Ball, Grass Knot, Low Kick, Return, Frustration. They may not use the move even if it would result in a KO. CPU doesn't use Sucker Punch properly. They may use it to KO your Pokemon if none of their other attacks can or if it's their only attack. They tend to use it more often if a Pokemon has been Taunted. Otherwise, they tend to be reluctant to use Sucker Punch. CPU does not recognize Storm Drain or Dry Skin; they will continue to use Water attacks if it would normally be their strongest move against the Pokemon. CPU does not recognize Flash Fire initially, but will stop using Fire attacks entirely once Flash Fire has been activated. In a double battle, however, the CPU will still target your other, non-Flash Fire Pokemon with Fire moves. CPU will not continue to use a boosting move if one of the stats being boosted is already maxed. CPU avoids using Trick against a Pokemon that holds one of the following items: Choice Band, Choice Specs, Choice Scarf, Flame Orb, Toxic Orb, or Black Sludge. CPU tends to avoid using moves that lower their stats unless it results in a KO or they are holding White Herb. CPU tends to only use recovery moves when they are below half health. They sometimes, however, seem to "predict" when they will go below half health when their Pokemon is slower than yours. CPU tends to only use Destiny Bond when they are below half health. CPU may switch if their Pokemon is locked into a move that does not deal damage (either immune or status move) due to a Choice item. If the opponent is hit with an attack and they have a Pokemon that is immune to that attack's type, they may switch to the Pokemon that has that immunity. Strangely, they still have a chance to switch even if the Pokemon that performed that attack has already fainted. CPU considers multi-hit moves based on the power of a single hit (e.g. they see Icicle Spear as a 25 Base Power Ice-type attack).
  23. The script narc is a/0/5/6. Andibad showed how to edit it in hex in BW1, but I'm sure it will work for BW2 as well: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?15520-Starter-Editor-for-Pokemon-Black-amp-White&p=129650&viewfull=1#post129650 Please bear in mind that he changed the values of snivy to EC 01 (shaymin). You could try to search for values like "f2 01 57 00" in the narc. (Where f2 01 = 498 = Tepig) Not sure if it works, but I hope I helped!
  24. I've been experimenting with adding moves from gen V to HGSS/Pt. I've successfully edited (replaced) the animation of Swords Dance with Calm Mind editing wazaeffect/we.narc: But now I'm wondering how to add new move effects? Say I want to add Quiver Dance, I'd have to add something to +1 Sp. Atk, +1 Sp. Def and +1 Speed. Some moves use effects like 'Chance to burn' or 'lowers foe's defense'. PPRE's move editor says there are 287 of these move effects. But... where are they located? The data doesn't match with previous gens, (i.e. 2E 85 3E 02 02 E6 28 00 69 1D 08 would be the 1/3rd recoil effect that Double-Edge uses in gen III, that data doesn't exist in gen IV.) but I think it could be the same as gen V. Any help/information would be greatly appreciated. Edit: I think it might be in the arm7.bin or arm9.bin file. Does anyone know the structure of the move effects?
  25. Yes, it was explained in the guide that 00 was 'basic', and every value +1 would move the pixel up, (01,) and every value -1 would move it one pixel down (FF). But nothing I change works. I even changed all values in the narc to EE, but the battles continue like nothing changed. I tried looking for the same values in CrystalTile, but I couldn't find them. I think poke_yofo.narc is a trashbite from Diamond Pearl, Platinum has a lot of them. It must use another file to get the values; but which one? I'll try to search for it.
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