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  1. Really? That's odd. I don't understand why double battles are such a problem. I'll probably try doing it in BW later.
  2. That still crashes the game. I've made sure he has two pokemon, he was changed to the twins class, and I've tried it with and without the double battle checkbox.
  3. Didn't work. It still showed up as a Single Battle.
  4. I was just thinking about something the other day. Pokemon Colloseum introduced the interesting concept of battling exclusively in doubles. Battling this way makes certain pokemon much more useful in battle, such as dedicated walls like Forretress, or Support pokemon like Chancey. But Colloseum is plagued by other problems, such as being overall very short and having a ridiculously slow battle system. That got me to thinking. What if That concept were brought into another game, like Platinum or one of the 5th gen games? That's what I envision a hack of a pokemon game that is comprised of almost exclusively double battles, making pokemon that were previously only useable online useful in the story mode. Of course there are problems. Currently I have found no way to actually change battles that were previously single battles into double battles. Then there is the issue of wild encounters. Can they be made into double battles? Let me know what you guys think, or if you have a solution to the problems above!
  5. I have tried both PPRE and PPTE while trying to make single battles in Pokemon Platinum into double battles. PPRE causes the game to crash when a battle is initiated, and PPTE refuses to save the change to a double battle (but everything else works). I figured I could attempt to change it in hex, but I can't figure out what needs to be changed for this to happen. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  6. You can still gain EVs in game. Changing them in Pokesav won't do anything about that.
  7. It's shadownight, here. I actually joined this site so I could ask a question about PPSE. But I'll be sure to make good use of the server space I had to take up to make this account.
  8. Hello people. I have a problem. I was trying to use PPSE on a Platinum ROM I got, and the edit function says "not functional". Why is that?
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