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  1. Im using the hans method as I updated my N3DS like an idiot and I also cant get it to work judging from, Kukui dialogue
  2. Alphraic

    SOS Encounter

    same all I did was make it shiny so maybe it is a bug
  3. Alphraic

    SOS Encounter

    http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/location/761.shtml#moon Here is what I meant Also on the pkhex 11/18/16 version it is legal but in the 12/06/16 version it is illegal 763 ★ - Tsareena - E4E9A27CA525.pk7
  4. Alphraic

    SOS Encounter

    Yes on serebii it is initial
  5. Alphraic

    SOS Encounter

    but you cant get it in an sos
  6. Alphraic

    SOS Encounter

    my Tsareena is being flagged for the hidden ability. the message says Invalid: Hidden Ability on non-SOS Wild encounter. how can I fix this
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