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  1. This is more a curiosity question than anything else. But can you use an AR to edit your rivals name? ~D~
  2. Does anyone know of an EXP modifier that also works with the EXP Share item? ~D~
  3. also, when editing pokemon in the party, make sure you have the appropriate number of party members listed, or they won't show up.
  4. Here is a random one. Catch a specific pokemon (instead of the wild pokemon modifiers, which currently crash EZ Flash Vi carts) ~D~
  5. I am not saying you are wrong, only that the area to find feebas in an unmoded platinum is the same as it was in diamond and pearl. Its just wierd that the editor would have turnback cave, which as far as I know isn't in D/P and not the feebas fishing area. (Mind you I am assuming that the editor was not specifically updated for platinum, and it just reads the hex data and parses it appropriately. ~D~
  6. Looks like you added it to the lakes...and that area of mt cornet isn't new, it was in Diamond and Pearl, and you had to fish him out of the same location. Also, the editor has turnback cave, which >is< new, so I don't see why It would be missing the old area. ~D~
  7. Did you add it to the fishing rods for mt Cornet? ~D~
  8. Thats actually what prompted my question, because the Wild Pokemon Editor didn't list feebas as a fishable poke. My guess is that there is a script that randomizes the tiles ~D~
  9. I was going to do that, if i couldn't find the locations externally. ~D~
  10. http://projectpokemon.org/editingresearch/pokesavfaq.php
  11. d_enc_data.narc? - Diamond Encounter Data p_enc_data.narc? - Pearl Encounter Data pl_enc_data.narc? - Platinum Encounter Data
  12. Squares encoutered at, Searching 600 tiles to fish it up woudl be something I would do if i was really really really bored... and i can't just use the calculator cheat, since it crashes the cheat engine on my flash card. ~D~
  13. on a similar topic tangent, where does one edit the feebas info? is it a script? ~D~
  14. Is it possible to just reduce the timer? not actually effect the pokemon picked? So that If I press L+R then press A on the tree, the pokemon is picked as per normal? ~D~
  15. http://www.projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=166 Yes, read that thread ~D~
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