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  1. I'm editing a new save file for soul silver, with pokesav, but when I save the changes it erases my name. I know that the Japanese games have English alphabet characters but I've also noticed that when I trade Pokemon from a Japanese cart to an English one the letters from the Japanese games look different from the English ones. If I re-enter my name in English, on pokesav, would the Pokemon that I catch, afterwards, be legal/legit even if the OT name on the Pokemon is in English?
  2. More than likely you'll be able to trade Sinnoh Pokemon to HG/SS. I don't see why they wouldn't allow you to. So this means that Shellos and Gastrodon would be available in HG/SS. That also makes it possible to obtain a Shellos in Johto via breeding. In DPPt the form of a hatched Shellos changed depending on which side of Sinnoh it was hatched on. Maybe a couple new forms would be present in HG/SS. Either that or it'll be the regular 2 forms but one appears in Johto and the other in Kanto. Now I'm wondering how they would deal with location evolutions. Unless they added new locations or items, that would evolve Eevee into it's 4th gen forms or Magneton to Magnezone etc., you would probably have to trade to DPPt and evolve it there.
  3. I'm curious to know if Shellos or Gastrodon will have a new form or possibly two (because of Kanto). The Pokedex data says that its form varies with the region it's found in.
  4. I was having a bad day before I heard the news. My friend called me up and told me to get online to look and I completely spazzed out . My day was so much better after that!
  5. With mom's glasses and my fabulous wig. I know, I know, I'm beautiful... :bidoof: Or scary, maybe!
  6. I thought it stopped at 50? Hit Shaymin.
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