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  1. I've answered aboue 100+ questions, fixed most major bugs for v3. ruinairas been working the story Git and getting a nice bit done. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The thing about it is, only the small school boy crashes the game, you just have to be unlucky when going through in English not to be matched up with him. BP - I'll look into it. ------------------------------------- Laptop people. I'm happy I have 3 computers for myself
  2. Very nice, works excellent, and love the "Import from files" option. Thanks SCV.
  3. Karakusa Town: Outside Pokecenter: 0436.txt Inside Pokecenter: 0437.txt In Story Git.
  4. I updated the GIT with the Yen sign changes. The fix was sad, just put the money var twice fixed it...
  5. I seen the update before I merged, so it's good. I guess I'll work out more dialog scripting.
  6. You wouldn't happen to have a Git so I can view the changes? I'm tired of patching ROMS, lol
  7. I'll add your guide into my PPTXT post. You might want to link it in the first post. Nice to see the Pokeshifter will be working again after this version. So many questions to fix it I'll try to keep my fork updated with all the edits being made and keep up with the questions.
  8. I merged your fork into mine, I'll be trying to keep mine updated to the newest edits whenever possible for Kaarosu. I've also been working out most dialog scripting, Script Codes.txt, I recommend downloading the file as Github messes up on tabbing.
  9. Page: http://code.google.com/p/msysgit/ Down: http://code.google.com/p/msysgit/downloads/detail?name=Git-
  10. I would have the Wi-Fi screen done if the test was in the main/story. (If your talking about the Wi-Fi setup screen)
  11. Stop asking for v3, it will be out when it gets compiled. ----------------------------------------------------- Seems to be coming smoothly, I'm figuring out the dialog scripting and bugs, others are translating. All is well for now
  12. I've played through and found the trainer that crashed the edit ROM. On a clean ROM, it worked as expected. So this could be true.
  13. - Wifi Configuration - NOT IN MAIN/STORY FILES The text isn't in the files, so it will have to remain the same unless someone files the right file.
  14. - Eng translation of text when saving - FIXED - It's a Critical Hit! - FIXED - Wifi Configuration - NOT IN MAIN/STORY FILES I'll look into the rest, anyone want to help me out here?
  15. Formatted is when the card is reformatted and all data is clean off it. This also fixes errors that could have developed on the card. Copy everything off the card, then look online for a tutorial on reformatting a card. After the card is reformatted, copy the files back on.
  16. No problem, I've been holding down the fort while you've been gone. Now that I've forked the Git, you shouldn't have to browse through the topic looking for my edits.
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