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  1. Bored, random statistics Pokemon Black: - Total text files: 745 - Total text lines: 49,668 - Total text chars: 3,406,731
  2. Combining everyone's edits, fixing spelling/grammar mistakes, figuring out other dialog scripts.
  3. So when's v3 coming out, lol Jokes aside, I should have kept the Git nice and updated for you. Wait, so you died? That's kinda unfortunate, what's it like anyway?
  4. I don't remember coming across Pokerus anytime while editing. Also try to edit your previous post instead of posting again.
  5. Been wondering why I haven't seen your name posting before. I've been taking care of the Git merging for you. Also it's 7:16PM.
  6. Strange, I though he updated it. He might update sometime. ----------------------------------------------------- Asking for the next update might get you a infraction and/or ban as posted here. As for now, there is NO ETA FOR THE NEXT UPDATE, stop asking please and wait patiently. ----------------------------------------------------- When you finish the rest of the game
  7. Fix when the main v3 patch comes out. This has been translated. Not sure about returning to mom though. Fix when the main v3 patch comes out.
  8. Slowly but surely, a nice section of the story is also done now. Patch v3 ETA: Whenever it get's compiled. Hopefully tomorrow.
  9. I've merged all your edits with ruibairas. The GIT should be updated and I'll send the updated RARCS. --------------------------------------- Me? Offline. Cannot ponder that really I usually build the Japanese string by find the chars in files and combined them together. Slow but works.
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