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  1. I can't find the text in neither the Story/Main. English based on crap translating: エラーがはっせいしました. でんげんをきってください. ---------------------------------------- A error has occurred. Please turn off the power. EDIT: Video of it:
  2. These are the only bugs remaining?: - Toxic Orb Lockup - Battle Subway Crash - Little by Little If anyone would like to send me a save file to try to fix it, it would help.
  3. Hey Kaarosu, push this into the GIT quickly, this fixes the 4 moves glitch! 0158.txt - Line 33 \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 wants to learn \xf000ć\x0001\x0001\xfffeHowever, \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 already knows 4 moves!\xf000븁\x0000\xfffeShould a move be deleted and be\xfffereplaced with \xf000ć\x0001\x0001? If I didn't have the editor, this would have taken so long... ----------------------------------- oh, the internet in one sentence. So fun to watch
  4. For the 4 moves glitch, I think it occurs due to a text limit for that dialog. So I'm cutting some text down to reduce the line number by 1.
  5. Ether I fix the problem, Or were going to have to removed the last line of text completely. Kaarosu is merging the current Git's into the main one, so v2.1 might be out soon.
  6. I'm not sure, Kaarosu is the one that compiles all the changes into the ROM itself. I don't do any type of DS ROM editing normally.
  7. I'm just editing my save file with Pokesav. Strange thing about the 4 moves glitch, only sometimes the text will cause a lock-up, other times the question marks are displayed but Yes/No show up after a few seconds. You just have to be lucky with it.
  8. Finally a way to test this. I can confirm this locks up the game, I'll see into it. Edit: 0158.txt - Line 33: \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 wants to learn \xfffe\xf000ć\x0001\x0001\xf000븁\x0000\xfffeHowever, \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000 already knows 4 moves!\xfffeShould a move be deleted and replaced \xfffewith \xf000ć\x0001\x0001\xf000븁\x0000? Try that, I moved the question mark till after the "\xf000ć\x0001\x0001\xf000븁\x0000" to match the first occurrence. Only a few moves trigger the text glitch, while most moves simple skip the last line prevent the glitch from happening.
  9. TM48 / TM49 also have to be shortened. The TM descriptions are just Copy & Pasted from the attack descriptions. Both these moves have very long descriptions that don't fit in the Attack and Item locations.
  10. Thanks. Thing I noticed, the saving text is still Japanese. I swear that's translated in the files
  11. Another post-patch update: MAIN: 0017.txt - "Player defeated text", "A critical hit!" 0053.txt - "TM Line Break Fixes" 0234.txt - "Gave a nickname text" STORY: 0428.txt - "Spelling Fix" 0431.txt - "Spelling Fix" 0435.txt - "Received Pokedex text" Zip Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?rf6kbuy93k1oy26
  12. Thanks. Edit: Did you push the wrong Item file? http://github.com/projectpokemon/Pokemon-Black-White-Translation-Files/commit/2f8573780ef96c037568c849a9a671cd1afc5bf8
  13. @Kaarosu: Would you be able to test something for me? I 'm pretty sure this code sets a text color: \xf000\xff00\x0001\x000? 0000 = Black 0002 = Blue Could you test other numbers?
  14. I posted it awhile back, but here it is again. 0017.txt - Line 82: A critical hit! --------------------------- Here's 0053.txt and 0203.txt, attached below. (Finally there done...) 0053.txt - "TM/HM + 6 Others translated" (107 Lines Changed) 0203.txt - "Line Break fixes" (12 Lines Changed) --------------------------- Another thing I noticed, some names don't match up it bulbapedia. TM ## | In Game | Bulbapedia | Pokesav ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 34: | Sludge Wave | Slime Wave | Sludge Wave 47: | Ankle Kick | Ankle Sweep | Leg Kick 48: | Sing a Round | Canon | Sing Together 49: | Echo Voice | Echo Voice | Each Voice 58: | Free Fall | Freefall | Free Fall 59: | Incinerate | Devastate | Burn Throw 67: | Vengeance | Retaliation | Vengeance 72: | Volt Charge | Volt Charge | Charge Bolt 76: | Bug Oppsition | Insect Opposition | Bug Resistance 78: | Level Ground | Smooth Over | Gard Lvl 79: | Ice Breath | Ice Breath | Ice Snore 95: | Bark Out | Bark Out | Back Out 0203-0053-9.30.2010.zip
  15. That's what I mean, just going through attacks that have dialogue that I can't find in English. Just takes awhile indeed.
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