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  1. I'll copy it over then, 0008.txt contains every bookcase and stuff in the game. So it'll knock out a lot of in-game text.
  2. Very nice post layout. I'll fix up this stuff by the end of the day. Edit: Can someone translate: 0462.txt, Story Git, all TV based dialog. 0008.txt, Story Git, Bookselves + Garbage Can + Cabinet and others.
  3. I think the elite 4 and the first town is all that's added in. I've been busy merging forks so I haven't had time to finish up to the first meeting with N.
  4. Not sure then, as I haven't used no$gba in awhile. I'll check it out. Edit: I can't even get it to load the rom, just complains about the save file.
  5. NO$GBA hasn't been updated in a very long time and has problems with the game itself anyway. Please use DeSmuME as it has much higher compatibility and works much better.
  6. After you have it patched, are you using the "File Name_patched.nds" file? If so, set your ingame options to English. (Options, 5th down, Left Side)
  7. It shouldn't, send me the sav file and I'll see what has happened. Was this saved on a flashcard or a emulator?
  8. FAQ: Whats the difference between the new & old logo? Union Room: If you want to use the Union Room then apply Rudolph's v2 (or higher) patch to your game: http://gbatemp.net/t217811-rudolf-s-child-s-play-patch-pokemon-hgss-and-b-w Save Issues Desmume: To use your old saves with this translations in this emulator try the following: Make sure the .sav file name is the same as the .nds If it's still in Japanese, in-game go to Options and change 'Button Mode(5th option down)' DSTT Errors? (ERROR=-4, ERROR=-5): Check this helpful post: Click Here When will v# be out? Patches are released when we decide that enough changes have taken place to warrant another patch. Asking repeatably will not make the patch come out sooner. ????? isn't translated, will it be in the next patch? This depends if we get to it or not. This game has quite a large amount of text to shift through and doing certain things isn't always beneficial to the team compared to translating as we go. I would like to help Translate, how can I help? There are 2 ways: Report errors here. Fork the Main/Story GIT and follow this to edit the file. I found this "BlackAndWhite.txt" or "BlackuToHowhite.txt" while looking on the internet: Yes, were aware of the file and are including in the translation as we speak. How do you use PPTXT / make your own patch? Read this post I posted in the other topic.
  9. Found before, posted about 30 times. Already being added. Can people PLEASE read the last few pages at least before posting to see if it has been posted before.
  10. There is to much to split it into, and most translations is done on a dialog by dialog basis, or whatever we happen to find it. The best way to help us is really just translate anything you run into.
  11. It's currently impossible. I have no idea why it wouldn't work, v2-3 only had more text changes which shouldn't have affected the game. If seems more like a flash card issue then a rom issue.
  12. Are using a flash card / No$GBA / DeSmuME? If I know how your running the game, I might find something.
  13. At the end of town one. Been mostly figuring out script codes, which I pushed into the Main Git.
  14. Japanese names aren't longer then 5 letters. But English are, so if causes problems through the game that relates to online play and other things.
  15. Text is slowly being inserted. English has: - 5170 Lines - 209,520 Characters. It's going to be awhile.
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