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  1. Added in my edit. Should be released once I finish the last 20 HM's. So many to translate
  2. File 0236.txt in the Main GIT, it contains the Pokedex entries for all the pokemon based on the 650 lines. New pokemon start on line 496
  3. I'll see what I can do about this tomorrow when I wake up. Edit: Would it be possible to PM the .pkm file from Pokesav. Little be Little isn't in the programs move list.
  4. Time for some typo fixes and updates! MAIN: 0006.txt - "TM / HM. Line 70,72" 0024.txt - "Saving Game Text" 0036.txt - "File Translate" 0055.txt - "Bag Names, File Complete" 0159.txt - "Met at level" 0202.txt - "Learned Move. Line 4" STORY: 0286.txt - "Typo Fix" 0351.txt - "Running Shoes Received file. Line 5 (ランニングシューズ = Running Shoes)" 0424.txt - "Missing Shop Item Line 3 0429.txt - "English Fixes" 0430.txt - "English Fixes" 0431.txt - "English Fixes" 0435.txt - "English Fixes" I've zipped the files into the respective folders. This only contains the whole files after the edits. If you have done other edits, you'll have to merge them, though these edits were done on the latest GIT's for the story and main. Translation Files - 28.09.2010.zip
  5. I have a large update coming in about 30 mins sense the release of v1. Many small things that are missed are fixed, along with most typos. Already at 8 files edited.
  6. I'll put some minor text edits up later for the beginning story. The "Saving" messages aren't translated, the changes weren't added then awhile back?
  7. Most game related things are translated (Summery Screens, Items, Pokemon). Dialogue and Story have a small amount translated.
  8. I'm not far enough into the game to compare the Japanese to English for the HM's. Edit: Looking though the recent edits shows that only lines 5, 7, 12, 16, 31, 32 of the HM's are left to be translated. かたそうな いわ だけど……\xfffeポケモンの わざで こわせるかも? おおきな いわ だけど……\xfffeポケモンの わざで おせるかも?\xf000븁\x0000かいりきを つかいますか? \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000の かいりきの おかげで\xfffeいわを おせるように なった! つれあるいている ときは\xfffeなみのりを つかえません! ふかい うみだ!\xfffeポケモンの わざで もぐれるかも? ふかい うみだ!\xfffeダイビングを つかいますか?
  9. I failz at Black, can't even get to the first gym. Got lost Haven't found the Player defeated "opponent"! text yet and have run out of small things to edit. Rock Smash: It's a rugged rock, but a Pokemon\\\may be able to smash it. Cut: This tree looks like it can be cut down! Rock Climb: The wall is very rocky...\\\Will a pokemon's move scale it? Strength: It's a big boulder, but a pokemon\\\may be able to push it aside. It's a big boulder, but a pokemon\\\may be able to push it aside.\\\Would you like to use Strength? "Pokemon" used Strength! "Pokemon"'s Strength made it\\\possible to move boulders around! Surf: ---- The water is a deep blue color...\\\Would you like to surf on it? "Pokemon" used Surf! Here's some of the English HM moves, don't know where they are in Black, so this is when you find them. "\\\" means new line.
  10. I'll translate more when I get past the beginning of the game. somehow I can't find where to go. oh well[iCON]448[/iCON]
  11. I can't even find the English for the first image: Someone want to point out the file, I couldn't find it in both the normal and story git's. Image 2 should read: Player defeated "opponent"! Also ポケモントレーナー is Pokémon trainer
  12. I'll be happy when v4 comes out, and I can see whats not translated yet. As I translate on a "I found Japanese, whats the English" bases.
  13. STORY TRANSLATION FILES: 0280.txt - Line 1,2,3 This tree looks like it can be cut down!\xfffeWould you like to use Cut? \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000\xfffeused Cut!\xf000븁\x0000 This tree looks like it can be\xfffecut down! Line 9 It's a big boulder, but a Pokémon\xfffemay be able to push it aside. Files 0280.txt contains all the HM world text, anyone have a later save file to make this easier on me? Line 1,2 will need to be confirmed once I get that far in the game. Still basing the text on Platinum, making sure I get it right. --- Side note: \xf000븁\x0000 What does that even mean? As it appears in the text file after the text.
  14. Turns out item find/reciving is in the story files ----------------------------------------------------------------------- STORY TRANSLATION FILES: 0283.txt - Line 1,2,3 \xf000Ā\x0001\x0000 received a\xfffe\xf000\xff00\x0001\x0002\xf000ĉ\x0001\x0001\xf000\xff00\x0001\x0000! \xf000Ā\x0001\x0000 received a\xfffe\xf000\xff00\x0001\x0002\xf000ĉ\x0001\x0001\xf000\xff00\x0001\x0000! \xf000Ā\x0001\x0000 received a\xfffe\xf000\xff00\x0001\x0002\xf000ĉ\x0001\x0001\xf000\xff00\x0001\x0000! Line 5,6 \xf000Ā\x0001\x0000 found \xfffea \xf000\xff00\x0001\x0002\xf000ĉ\x0001\x0001\xf000\xff00\x0001\x0000! \xf000Ā\x0001\x0000 found \xfffea \xf000\xff00\x0001\x0002\xf000ĉ\x0001\x0001\xf000\xff00\x0001\x0000! Line 11,12 \xf000Ā\x0001\x0000 put the \xf000ĉ\x0001\x0001\xfffein the \xf000Ē\x0001\x0002\xf000\xff00\x0001\x0000 bag.\xf000븁\x0000 \xf000Ā\x0001\x0000 put the \xf000ĉ\x0001\x0001\xfffein the \xf000Ē\x0001\x0002\xf000\xff00\x0001\x0000 bag. That takes care of finding and receiving items and placing them in your bag.
  15. I'll wait till the next patch to see what I can translate from platinum to black.
  16. Google translate fails on the non-translated parts. 0036.txt でんどういり おめでとう! おしまい ゲームクリア おめでとう! The game is being saved.\xfffeDo not turn off the power. \xf000Ā\x0001\x0000\xfffesaved the game! レポートが かけませんでした I'll translate anything that show's up in game and I can figure it out. I just wanted the save menu done, as you see it often.
  17. ChaoticKItten, that was 0024.txt right? ここまでの かつやくを\xfffeポケモンレポートに かきこみますか? is used in the saving game screen. Would you like to save your game?\xfffePrevious data will be overwritten! would fit the context of the menu. Based on previous games.
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