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  1. If I don't answer from now on, it's because I went to bed. Just continue with the screens and I'll find them when I wake up. NVM, one of my podcast just came out, up for the next for for sure.
  2. Fixed for next version. ------------------------------------- Main, 0189.txt, Line 1 If that's not it, it doesn't exist. lol
  3. Story, 0008.txt, Line 5. Just finished with merging your edits, based on your change log. I check every file you had listed, merged them, then made some edits to make some parts flow better. Along with other things.
  4. Side note, poor kid 0442.txt Story I want a gameboy I've wanted one for 15 years! But all I got is a PS3! The 0189.txt was right, didn't notice that only part of the bottom line is displayed.
  5. I stalk the forums, if your unable to find it in less then 5 minutes. Just post a screenshot of it. I'll get the file number within 10 minutes. I've somehow managed to become the project GIT compiler, FAQ answer, and Bug fixed
  6. Starting now, Record the file edit and the lines. Like I normally do when I edit: 0436.txt: Lines 10-31, 35 It's only a real problem as your NARC's aren't up2date with my fork along with others. It does give me time to look over the file. Strange no comment about the time, lol
  7. Kaarosu removed them images, but the difference is just the title screen Pokemon Logo.
  8. That'll work, you still have a changelog for the newer parts? Hopefully you record the files you edited. Still quicker for me to get a screenshot of the text. I haven't even beaten the first Gym yet. lol
  9. Just name the time and I'll find the text file if needed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oExKybdvC58
  10. Here's the battle text when facing Bel and Cheren for the first time. Main GIT: 0189.txt - Line 101, 104, 107 | Main GIT: 0189.txt - Line 103, 106, 109 Main GIT: 0189.txt - Line 110, 113, 116 | Main GIT: 0189.txt - Line 112, 115, 118
  11. Bug Log (v3): - FIXED4 Moves / TM-HM - FIXED Shop Money amount - FIXED Little by Little - FIXED *1 Pokéshifter - FIXED *2 Battle Subway - BROKEN *3 1: Move changed to "Bit by Bit" 2: Original files returned. 3: It's only broken if you encounter a certain trainer. Which is the one .That's the current v3 status. -------------------------------------------- Not when edits happen on the same file, with different changes for the same things -------------------------------------------- Side-note: I have 1.7GB AVI of all the dialog up to/including the first town to check the English. But you fixed most of them already, lol. It also takes 28 minutes to get to that point.
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