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  1. Luckly new lines are based on the dialog box, only have to replace each section and add in the \xfffe and save. Soneek, you Elite 4 inputs are on Git right?
  2. Bored, going to start placing all the text from the file into the game starting at the beginning. Others, I recommend picking a place in the story and simple working from there.
  3. Also, don't space anything that starts with a backslash, as this is dialog scripts: \xfffe \x000? (Different) These must remain as is or the game will break. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've merged your updates as I came across them, problem was for 0016 was extremely far behind and you were fixing already fixed items. Also NO$GBA sucks badly, use DeSmuME 0.9.6.
  4. If your working on the 0001 folder, your editing the wrong one. The correct folder is 0000.
  5. Just so you know, it's technically v6 as there were 3 betas and 3 releases. (3+3=6) Also, PEOPLE PLEASE UPDATE YOUR FORKS TO THE NEWEST VERSION, people are translating/fixing text that has already been fixed due to using a older version of the Git.
  6. @tincancrab Here's a updated excel file with more moves fixed. http://www.mediafire.com/?88gd92j1jekv0eq Fixed Moves: Whirlwind Roar Switcheroo Bounce Gravity Doom Desire Covet Cross Flame Heat Stamp Hard Roller Grass Mixer Drill Liner Electra Net Ice Breath Water Oath Fire Oath Grass Oath Heavy Bomber Ankle Kick Sword of Mystery Lightning Strike Overhead Throw
  7. The last 2 days of ruin's work isn't in this patch, as the changes were never sent to me. Once I get the changes, they will be added.
  8. Read the first post... http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?11469-Pokmon-Black-and-White-Translation-Project-v2&p=93170&viewfull=1#post93170
  9. tincancrab, here's the updated move excel file: http://www.mediafire.com/?jk6lh7r2pwnj4q7
  10. No comment on the fact I have a Mew?, lol -------------------------------------------------------- It's a null pointer problem, the text miss-aligns the text pointer and causes it to read garbage from the ROM into the text field instead of the correct attack name. Also, it's been fixed sense last week and will be in v3. Work, woot!
  11. Me and the other devs were thinking "Mystery Sword" and "Thunder Strike". And they both fit.
  12. Ok, we need some user input. 2 other moves are too long to display while in battle. These are "Sword of Mystery" and "Lightning Strike", we need suitable names that are a bit shorter the 15 characters.
  13. He asks quite a bit and it's unwanted posting in the thread. (Read Paragraph 2 in first post, randomspot555 edit).
  14. Basing my info on Ruin's posts, around 30-45%. Hard to tell as I've yet to beat the first gym.
  15. Earning no EXP from battle is Nintendos AP method. With the EXP Patched, your able to gain EXP like normal. Rates are designed like that, and depend on the pokemon. ------------------------------------------------------------- I'd say v5/6
  16. Got to read buddy, Kaarosu said it will hopefully be ready by Sunday about 10 post up...
  17. Just so you know, all bugs being reported have already been fix/working on. Please stop reporting bugs until the release of v3 and the problems continue there.
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