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  1. Do not use the PID Finder for Gen V pokemon Please read this thread for more info - http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?15104-PID-Finder-Method-info-tips&highlight=finder
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    So I was really excited to possibly go to VGC this year as I would have time off from work. Looks like I won't be able to make it... My mom just got put in to the hospital today and I really don't have the spare cash for a trip to San Jose as I just got on unemployment after finishing my contract at 2K Games. Barely scrapp'n by now... So I tend to do this a lot anyways, especially with MMO's since my kicked my WoW addiction a few years ago. I'll be moving on to other interest. Playing a bit of Witcher 2 right now, game is really good. The Distribution thread I had running seemed to be really good with the method and rules I had in place. If anyways wants to it over and repost their own thread with my style that would be cool. I'll be around here and there... Peace Out~
  3. add wireless router, pc, running smallftpd good to go
  4. I've take my retail save and put it on my flash card, so I'm assuming yes its backwards compatible
  5. Use Pokegen, don't bother with Pokesav unless you want to edit items, trainer data, myster gifts.... here is a guide for pokegen. - http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?14026-Guide-How-to-generate-Gen-V-Pokmon-in-PokGen Then use this to transfer the pokemon to your game by connecting to a fakeGTS. - http://pokegts.us/upload_file.php or this to create pokemon - http://pokegts.us/pkmbw.php use this to check legality - http://pokecheck.kraftpaper.org/
  6. could just flag it as "invalid / event only" ? like you do certain moves of event pokemon
  7. OT Peridots added a ton of pokemon check them out at this link - http://pokecheck.kraftpaper.org/?p=search&pokemon=0&tid=%40peridots&pid=&generation=0&lvf=0&lvl=1&nature=0&public=1
  8. TRUe http://www.serebii.net/events/dex/149.shtml
  9. lol, way to bump a 3 week old post anyways, i'm sure people can still ask if their pokemon was made correctly or not. This is a legality forum...
  10. If the pokemon is hacked without an ability, "Unknown", it passes the legality analysis.
  11. Gen III and IV pokemon have their name in all CAPS if it is not nicknamed, this is not detected in the legality analysis. Gen IV Gengar Name should appear as GENGAR if not nicknamed This pokemon - http://pokecheck.kraftpaper.org/?p=detail&uid=81538 name has upper / lowercase letters and does not have nickname checked but reads as valid in the legality analysis. Pretty minor but thought I'd point it out.
  12. there is nothing wrong with either one, just make sure you deposit the pokemon into your PC box and take it back out there is a bug with pokegen if you receive a pokemon from fake GTS and it goes to your Party first, it messes up the stats.
  13. All starter Pokemon have been added as DW form and Shiny
  14. don't use pokesav use pokegen there are two different file sizes, party box and storage box that file is for storage box
  15. what timezone is the site in? date added seems to be a day ahead from when I upload mid day
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