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  1. can someone switch the sprites so i can play as silver and gold is the rival??? i'm not really the type that can do this kind of stuff so if anyone can help me that will be awesome
  2. thanks for the music mod code its awesome but it freezes everytime i'm getting an apicorn from the trees and the freezing thing is fixed when the code is turned off does someone have the same problem?
  3. is there a in battle music modifier code like the one in platinum and a hold R to rebattle trainers code?if not can someone make them?
  4. my first pokemons on level 100 are red- venasaur blue- blastios yellow- pikachu gold- magnium silver- epseon crystal-lugia ruby- blaziken sapphire- kyogre emerald- ryquaza colosseum- espeon and umbreon at the same time leaf green- i had a level 100 venasaur but then my game got stolen now my strongest pokemon is venasaur again but only at level 67 fire red- i havent played fire red yet i'm thinking of getting it on my psp emulator to cheat it and stuff but i'm trying to get charizard to level 100 first without cheats daimond- empoleon pearl- no started yet trying to get my e
  5. i havnt played the GBA pokemon games a lot latel but i have never been to mirage island i think i'm just unlucky becaus i have played over 250 hours on saphire, over 40 hours on ruby and over 30 hours on emerald i know i have a lot of free time
  6. great app but i'm sorry to say that this was not what i was looking for this is the same thing you have in pokesav to edit your records but was was looking for something to edit the link battles on the back of your trainercard (the number of times linked, link trades and link battle win/lose scores) and your app only edits the battle scores of the battlefrontier
  7. these are on my list Espeon Umberon and some ohter eeveelutions/eevee Chicorita(and its evolution/my starter) Kyogre the 2 event Pichu Arceus Lugia Ho-oh and a lot more i sure hope you can pick a pokemon from any slot of your party like there is an extra option under sumary, switch, give and stuff
  8. cool cant wait (but i have to ) anyway good luck making it
  9. i was looking for something that can do that (but didnt find it) so an app like that would be awesome
  10. ok cant wait to see it. and if i have some free time (what i will have a lot the next 2 weeks) i shal try to make some shadow sprites for you (but i can only do it in paint so you need to convert them if thats ok)
  11. that are some awesome shadow pokemon but issnt there a way to make the shiny encounter rate higher? or you can reaplace the sprits of the male/female pokemon with the lowest encounter rate, if you know what i mean?
  12. if you want shaymin permanently in sky form (like me) make a AR code so when ever it becoms night time and transforms back in land forme you just press L+R and there u go a sky forme shaymin during the night time (the only problem is if you have shaymin like the 6 slot of your party then it has to be there becous the pokemon in that slot wil be reaplaced with the shaymin u used when you made the code so i recoment if your trying this out use a shaymin at level 100 and keep him in the same party slot and turn the code off when you put shaymin in the pc)
  13. sounds great (and with shadow pokemon do you mean the ones like in pokemon colloseum and gale of darkness?)
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