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  1. I have a problem. When I am trying to make Pokemon shiny, I generate it to male and it turns out female. I put it to female and it goes to female again. How do I get a male one?
  2. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?6524-Pokmon-Mystery-Gift-Editor-(v1-4-3)-(now-with-B-W-support!) http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?5164-Event-Contribution-Collection/page75 Those are the links I found. Also, how can I share that from my flashcart to my White?
  3. Are there any Mystery Gift Editors for B/W? I wanna get the Liberty Pass, but I don't know if there are editors.
  4. I am really new to this, I am trying to get the shiny event dogs and celebi on my game. All there is is the PKM and PGT and I inputted them both in but there is no one at the PokeMart to give them and no wonder card either. Does anyone know what the reason for this is? (Please excuse my English, I am not very good with it)
  5. You don't get enough credit; thank you very much Chase-san!
  6. Could you also have Edit Pokemon Gender for r11?
  7. I thought the capsule was for the Power Plant's generator to get it running And can anyone give me the AR codes for the wonder cards, not the actual event so I can distribute the events to my game, not my r4?
  8. Hello, I'm a newbie and I've just signed up here. I came here to join a community, and heard this was a good one. I already like the smilies [sPRITE]Scizor[/sPRITE] [iCON]Scizor[/iCON] [sHINYSPRITE]Ditto[/sHINYSPRITE] [OVRSPRITE]Ditto[/OVRSPRITE] [HGSSSPRITE]Ditto[/HGSSSPRITE] :bidoof:
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