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  1. Unless you want to be able to read the RNG to know how it works and then update RNGReporter based on that.
  2. This is less related to the method per se and more about the result of the injection, but... would a Japanese Wondercard injected into a US game generate a US or a JP pokémon?
  3. Interesting, the whole overworld work took you a month. All of the work will probably take me more time than three months as I'll have to start from the beginning and I will have pretty much no breaks from college until July >__> It seems Andibad is going to use 25 as the move limit on his Moveset Editor, so maybe it really is just a myth. I might test it for myself and add a bunch of moves to a random pokémon to check it myself, though. And another question: what's the script used for the starter clowns? I don't recall the original games having any event related to seasons... how di
  4. From what I see in the documentation, this has been a lot of work. I'm impressed. How long did it take you to do it all (from the "research" to the experiments with scripting, along with brainstorming any changes for the pokémon and trainer rosters)? Besides, I've seen some of the pokémon have more than 20 moves in their level-up movepools. I thought there was a limit? And yet, you have Aerodactyl learning 22 moves... Wasn't there something about the game breaking if the pokémon had so many moves, or was that only for DPPt/BW/whatever?
  5. There're two things I didn't understand here... These are the "list informations", both inverted, fine. EC04 is VS-IRIS and 7704 is... VS-MOVEPOKE in that list Kaphotics posted. Shouldn't it be 8B04? Besides... the second part, 5C1E, is 092-030, but what does that mean? At first I thought it referred to the character, but that wouldn't make any sense to change. What exactly makes it so that the new song will play against Iris, considering both the path and the list got changed? Yes, but *where* is it changed? Is Iris's battle theme still in the data, just "lost"? ...Ok, I guess I actua
  6. Well, that's interesting, even though I don't know how to work with RAM data. For some reason, the tutors are out of sequence (it's 3-1-4-2 instead of 1-2-3-4, in the order I posted in the OP), and the rest of the data... doesn't seem to make much sense. But well, at least we know that, wherever the move list is hidden, the moves are grouped by their respective Tutors, so if you find 3-4 moves grouped together, you certainly find the whole list.
  7. Oh, I know all of that. What I wanted to find out is where the Tutor list would be in the data; we know the TM/HM list (so that one can edit TM 01 to be Sacred Fire or whatever) is in arm9.bin, but I haven't a clue of the Tutor one. At best, we know it would start with Covet - Bug Bite - Super Fang, I guess? But that's not much, at least not to me.
  8. So, I decided to have a shot at looking for the move tutor list in BW2 this weekend, as I had nothing better to do (lies). As it could be compressed somewhere (like the TM list is), I decided to extract arm9, arm7 and all overlay9 files. My method was... kinda crude: Ctrl+F 'C2 01' (Bug Bite) and then look out for any '57 01' (Covet) close to it. Unfortunately, I found nothing. My best shots were overlays 9_0185, 9_0167 and 9_0260, as the three of them have what *could* be move lists, but without making any sense (they don't seem to be level-up lists, for instance) whatsoever. 9_0167 has 'C2
  9. Mew's data, for reference: [spoiler][img=http://i.imgur.com/g4gJU.png][/spoiler] [b]OFFSET 0x0000:[/b] [b]00[/b] - HP [b]01[/b] - Attack [b]02[/b] - Defense [b]03[/b] - Speed [b]04[/b] - Sp. Atk [b]05[/b] - Sp. Def [b]06[/b] - Type1 [b]07[/b] - Type2 [spoiler]--- 00: Normal --- 01: Fighting --- 02: Flying --- 03: Poison --- 04: Ground --- 05: Rock --- 06: Bug --- 07: Ghost --- 08: Steel --- 09: Fire --- 0A: Water --- 0B: Grass --- 0C: Electric --- 0D: Psychic --- 0E: Ice --- 0F: Psychic --- 10: Dark[/spoiler] [b]08[/b] - Catch Rate [b]09-0B[/b] - EVs [i](didn't understand a single bit
  10. Would it be possible to upload the translated ROM Changer again?
  11. Question: I've used this to send a pokémon from my flashcart save file to my original Pearl and it worked fine, but could I do it the other way? Get on GTS in my Pearl, deposit a pokémon, leave, load my Diamond, get on GTS, and get back the same pokémon? Or maybe I put up an offer for the pokémon in Pearl and then find only that offered pokémon in my Diamond, meaning I can "trade with myself"?
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