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  1. I can see it being used, yeah, but it's just not my type of PKMN, really. Admittedly it's not the typing, I have to be honest there, and now I'll probably sound cliché, but cutesy PKMN aren't my steelo. EDIT: That darn numbering is the only thing that keeps me guessing. Maybe it has to do with its quite misleading classification...
  2. Unless I'm missing something...but Fire Fang? EDIT: Scratch that. I didn't knew Fire Fang could hit through WG. Nifty.
  3. I just want to make sure I got that: Cooler doesn't fit a Fighting typing?
  4. My interest on Victini has plummeted; the only thing that's keeping my eyes on it is the fact it's #000 in the PokéDex. We'll see what "Victory Star" does, but I doubt it'll redeem the typing. And by the way, it kind of makes sense now--other than the fact they always make this stupid, cute-looking critters Psychic--the word victory is sometimes associated with fire. Perfect example is in some animes whenever a character accomplishes something or some sort of other endeavor, the character usually makes a victory pose with brimming fire on the background. Plus, stars can also be hot. EDIT: Although, ironically, stars that have a reddish glow are said to be cold; however, Victini's eyes are blue, and stars that have a blueish glow are said to be hot.
  5. Why not? I was listening to this a couple of hours ago.
  6. If anything a Cooler-like PKMN will work best as Dragon/Fighting, as was discussed--I can't see it work as Dragon/Psychic. Actually, Dragon/Psychic is the least combination I'm looking forward to. Well, obviously.
  7. Well yeah, that's what I meant--guess I should've added an extra line saying "or in whatever other [type of] Poké Ball you caught it" (although it was implied).
  8. I trained and used a Raticate in several occasions and it actually proved its worth. Granted, its no Swellow or Ursaring, but it can still get the job done. They're funny-looking more than anything, really. So, all I'm saying is don't judge a book by its cover.
  9. I trained and used a Raticate in several occasions and it actually proved its worth. Granted, its no Swellow or Ursaring, but it can still get the job done. They're funny-looking more than anything, really. So, all I'm saying is don't judge a book by its cover.
  10. Thinking about it, it being a Ghost-type is possible, and not just because it's classified as a phantom, but mostly because it resembles a fairy or pixie. Lores about fairies and pixies are far and wide, but some suggest that they are ghostly figures. Fairies in particular are said to be part of the dead, often impersonating deceased relatives. Another interesting detail is that banshees, also spirits, are sometimes associated with fairies, and in fact, banshee would translate to "fairy woman" in both Irish and Scottish. Maybe we're all trying too hard deciphering this dumb-looking thing and the simple truth is that we're finally seeing how Missingno. really looks like. Maybe. This is so outlandish... Just by looking at it it's kind of obvious. Exactly my point. I can see it having Levitate.
  11. I'm pretty sure that "totem pole looking rat" is the evolved form of Minezumi (Bidoof's pissed off cousin).
  12. You know, after watching a video posted by AsMew2Pika in the Pokémon Black and White: Confirmed Pokémon Discussion Thread (where Victini appears at the end), I can see the possibility of Victini being part Flying. However, just because it has "wings" doesn't mean it will, plus is not enough to convince me.
  13. Well, this game sure is packed with stuff. I'm mostly intrigued by 3vs3 battles, but the video showed some type of "rotating battle system", which intrigues me even more. Wish someone could translate this... Thanks for posting the video, by the way.
  14. Heard them before--pretty good. Black Eyed Peas - Rock That Body Damn song is addictive. x.x
  15. Yeah Midgey, Zekrom will be Dragon/Electric. Pretty sick. And It's hard for me to dislike dragons; I love 'em too much. Personally I think they should introduce more, and perhaps diversify them (somewhat like we discussed previously).
  16. Clefable has "wings" and it isn't part Flying, so... Which by the way, I'm certain Victini will by part of the Fairy group...if it bred, I mean. >.> Anyway, I doubt it'll be a Flying-type.
  17. Which I never even bothered to do. I simply asked a friend for one, then hatched my own. Simple. "Talk" with 30 people? Please.
  18. And even then I doubt they'll make a phantom crane a Ghost-type, to be honest. Bug/Dark maybe, but not Ghost. Either way, I too doubt that pipsqueak will be a Bug-type; I still get this Electric vibe from it... But if it's classified as a phantom, then it'll probably be a Ghost-type, or part as far as we know. Maybe it'll be another Rotom as far as typing goes, or maybe a weird combo...who knows. Tell you the truth, that thing doesn't look that special, it even seems too "normal", as in Rattata- or Sentret-looking (if that even makes sense). So...Normal/Ghost...? I dunno. I often don't bother speculating and what have you, but this critter I have to admit has piqued my interest...what with it being #000 and all. By the way, a bit off topic, but I found this fan-made drawing of Gigaiasu, which thus far is the closest thing we've got to official art:
  19. Alestorm - Wenches and Mead Have some pirate metal.
  20. #007 Totodile [HGSSSPRITE]158[/HGSSSPRITE]
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