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  1. That'd probably be determined by gender too. Unfortunately, I don't know of a way to change it for anyone except the partner (the cool vs cute question at the start).
  2. If you open up the dropdown for Pokémon species, you should notice there's two entries for Meowstic. There's one for each gender, but I don't know which is which. Unfortunately, I don't know how gender works for Pikachu in PSMD, since there only seems to be one Pikachu in the game. Maybe it works differently in Sky Editor, but I don't have that handy right now.
  3. No, you'll need to get the save data that'd be loaded when booting without a savestate.
  4. Both are available. Which would you prefer? Done
  5. Be sure to decrypt the ROM in GodMode9 first.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Pokémon sprites extracted using GfxCrunch. This 7z contains everything one needs to create animated sprites. It is not intended for humans, as sprites have not been stitched together yet.
  7. With PKHeX. We have a tutorial here:
  8. Choose the modpack solution. Once you go through the wizard, you'll be able to create a starter mod project. Please be sure to read at least the first 3 steps in the tutorial before trying to create the starter project.
  9. Are you using right-click -> Create Project in Solution Explorer and not Create File in the File menu?
  10. Are you using the latest version linked to in the intro?
  11. Each Pokémon has their own individual model, but most of the animations for those models are shared among similar body types. Which animation comes from where is defined in the BGRS file corresponding to the model, but unfortunately, there's no UI for that right now. However, there is a UI for another file that can help: /BaseRom/Raw Files/RomFS/pokemon_graphics_database.bin. Open that in Sky Editor using File -> Open, and type in the name of the BGRS: In this example, the generic body type is "float_body_00", so if you look in that folder in the model project, you'll see a bunch of generic animations: These can be imported into your choice of modeling program such as SPICA or Ohana. Each of the generic animation sets contains an animation for sleeping in a dungeon. The starter mod will independently copy those over to apply to the overworld.
  12. I think I encountered something like this years ago with save edits, but IIRC the only crash was that one scene. I might not be able to do anything about that, but what happens if you switch to a clean ROM for that one scene?
  13. Sorry for the delay. This has been fixed in the latest version. You'll need to recreate the project, however, since the issue was that Sky Editor was writing bad data.
  14. Instead of creating a new file, you'll need to create a DS Mod Solution, then add a Starter Mod to the resulting solution. Also YMMV for Rescue Team, since there've been reports of crashes that I don't know how to fix. Explorers should work just fine though.
  15. The problem is that PMD uses different animations for sleeping in a dungeon vs. sleeping in a bed. I think it might be possible to copy them over for specific Pokémon using @psy_commando's sprite editor, but I've never done that before myself.
  16. How much free RAM does your computer have?
  17. Can you check to make sure LanguageStringPatcher.exe exists in the same directory as SkyEditor.ROMEditor.UI.WPF.exe? If it does not exist, try redownloading Sky Editor. I'm going to need to add some more logging, but in the mean time, can you make sure you're able to launch MessageFARCPatcher.exe, located in the same directory as SkyEditor.ROMEditor.UI.WPF.exe? If a console window doesn't open and immediately close, then that may be part of the problem.
  18. It does look like your Numel portraits should be working. However, the grin and angry portraits for Vulpix both use well over 15 colors (I haven't checked the others). If those are present when building, then unfortunately the whole project will fail to build.
  19. Can confirm this works on the US version too. Sky Editor will now do this automatically in the latest update. Nice find, @End45!
  20. Please attach the .zip file that Sky Editor makes. Not only is it smaller, it also contains the tools needed to build for output formats other than LayeredFS. (Also there's potential legal implications with uploading complete files like that, which are summarized here.)
  21. I pushed an update that fixes this.
  22. Looks like it's 0x001E0E00 in the US version, and 0x1800 in overlay 13, but I haven't tried it yet. I'll have to add it in Sky Editor if I can get it working.
  23. psy_commando's tools are what you're looking for: Sky Editor can make the setup a little easier, since it has stats_util (the thing that can edit the scripts and cutscenes) bundled:
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