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  1. That's what I did, I even update Sky Editor whenever one is available, and I'm still getting the "path not found" error when building. Could there be something else I'm doing wrong?
  2. What is the preferred way to extract the ROM for Super Mystery Dungeon? I've previously ripped it through Godmode but I always get an error about missing paths when it comes to building the ROM. So I'm wondering if I need to extract it a certain way like I did for a recent model ripping tutorial I was following for Ultra Sun. Does it need to be decrypted just extracted? Left as a .3DS or a .cia? Thanks in advance.
  3. Oh that's really sweet, I wasn't expecting a reply to this to be honest. It worked like a charm, thank you so much. I wish I knew how to understand all this stuff to find things for myself, the best I can do at this point is using documents from other people, like using this table I found from Psy to change NPCs to different Pokemon (Celebi and Fearow as antagonists and pink Riolu are in-jokes with the group I'm making these hacks for)
  4. I keep getting this error when creating a project for the Script Mod. I used to get it when creating a Starter Mod but for some reason that doesn't happen anymore. I think it's trying to find a certain file, but I thought it was supposed to put that file there in the first place.
  5. So I was thinking of modding the game to let you pick a partner that's the same type as you, but I'm brand new to Hex editing so I'm unsure where to look. According to psy_commando the personality quiz stuff is in overlay_0013.bin at 0x0238A140, but I'm not sure what value to look for. I was wondering if anyone had more experience with something like this and could share. Maybe a cheat for this already exists and I haven't found it yet, or it's just not possible to change.
  6. I tried doing just that, I edited the scripts and portraits for "resurved_27" to be a recolor of Poochyena. Then I added a new sprite set, 0599, and linked it to the "reserved_27" file. Everything worked fine enough until you got to the dungeon and the game got confused. It kept jumping back and forth between the Player and Partner sprites and palettes, mixing and matching each of them, but they would both usually be the same sprite at the same time.
  7. I got it to work, I think, I used Crystal Tile this time to replace the files. I don't know why Tinke didn't work, it's been useful so far, but I don't really know much about all this stuff yet. I only started getting into it last Thursday with Pokemon Platinum.
  8. I used Tinke to extract the files, ppmd_gfxcrunch to open them, Photoshop to edit the palette files, repacked them with ppmd_gfxcrunch, then used Tinke to put import them into the ROM. I'll upload the palette file for the Shinx as well as the .bin files (they should be the most recent). palette.pal m_ground.bin monster.bin m_attack.bin
  9. Hi, I'm trying to edit the palettes of the in game sprites, but I can't get them to load properly. I got them able to show up on the overworld just fine but when I load into a dungeon it glitches out, the game slows to a crawl, every Pokemon on screen even if it wasn't edited flashes between no sprite, vanilla sprite, or some big red glitchy box. All I'm doing is editing the palette.pal file in each of them, and I even tried only replacing the "monster.bin", "m_attack.bin", and "m_ground.bin" files individually.
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