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  1. Bond, I'm having problems putting the 5th gen pokemons you post on the first page to Pokemon Black. I tried using the latest BW pokesav to load the pkm file to my Black save file. In-game whenever i check the summary of the pokemon for example Kibago, it always go black screen. Any solutions?
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  6. we all dont want distribution to be once a month. but im sure, if people started to spread his work or make it complicated for bond, it wont be just the repost and distibution that will be affected. thats why im just saying to poeple to keep this thread here, because he said in his previous post this thread and his IP are being spread on other forums.
  7. wot do you mean read again? im just tryin to prevent repost to happen once a month.
  8. first of all dont report me because i didnt say anything bad. im only tryin to help bond by telling people who have little brains to stop spreading his work on other websites. Now, because of them, he'll only do the distribution once a month! although i can wait a month, its still annoying that people spread his work. If i did create this thread, i wouldnt want people to spread it inappropriately without my permission, i know its different for every people, but people who are gonna spread this must ask if they can because we all know this isnt easy. bleh!
  9. who's been leaking ur ip!?!?! it should be kept confidential inside pokemon project!! stoopid people giving it away!! stop it. anyway whatever your decision is, i can wait a month.
  10. sorry if it souded like im being a jerk, im saying/asking this in a nice way, i appreciate Bonds efforts into puttin all this. im new so im just curious what kinds of pokemon im sending to my card, i dont want to ruin it cuz it has all my pokemons from past games, so 1 mistake and all my effort in collecting all that pokemon are screwed. so I dont mean to to imply that im rude or anything, but thats the most straightforward of asking something. *so please no hard feelings because i wasnt being a jerk when i was asking/writing about the things i said above. theres no point of me being being
  11. well i learned a few things from smogon website, but im not as good as you. i only learned it a couple of weeks ago.
  12. kk, that explains the legality checker, thnx for clearlin that up. regarding RNG abuse, can you use the pokemon to battle online if you did use pokesav to generate random number, or maybe trade them online?
  13. so you want legit competitive quality pokemons? not pokemon's that are EV/IV manipulated? but most of the pokemon you've uploaded on the first page, for example scizor, looks like its fake because its EV/IV are maxed out. i also checked scizor's pkm file using the legality checker from this website and it clearly says its hacked. so, im confused at what you're exactly doing here. becasue for me i dont need pokemon to be maxed IV/EV as long as they're legit/ hack free. edit: actually, i dont mind normal pokemon to be maxed out for either EV/IV as long as they come up legit in the legality che
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