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  1. I have a paid subscription so it should be fine right ?
  2. Oh okay I see ,,, yeah I have Pokémon Home man that’d be awesome!!!
  3. Awww man that’s the thing,,, I only have gen 8 :(( I was wondering maybe can u make it and transfer it to your gen 8 id you have one and then we can trade in link trade with a code,,, but if u can’t do it that’s okay ,, it’s kind of a lot to do sorry
  4. Yess that’s the one !!!! If u can help me out I’d eternally grateful omg it’s a childhood wish,,, I’m trying to get it into sword and shield idk if that’s a problem for u
  5. I will reward with u a gigantamax charizard with solar ability and amazing stats it’s the best I could do but can anybody generate an original style unova victini with v create , fusion flare, fusion bolt, and searing shot,,,, it would be my dream to have victini one come true pls anybody
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