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  1. Hey I probably use this thread a lot and I don’t know if there’s a limit,, but if someone can I was wondering if they can make me all 7 of the event pikachus from sun and moon,,they’re just so cool,,, thank u if anybody can
  2. Aw yes dude!! Ur a literal legend u helped me gen the unova victini the other day!! I found my old account and am using this one instead now,,, but if u can do that magic again man,,,
  3. Well i dont need them but i would absolute kill for whoever could fill the hole in my heart !! These are three event i always wanted but missed my opportunity due to lack of a 3ds at the time :(( if someone can gen the 2016 event Jirachi from XY, 2016 Mew from XY, and the 2016 event Keldeo from XY, all of them American would be cool,, please someone help me out,, i can reward with an infected active pokerus mon but thats about the best i have, someone help me please,, i can link trade on sword or accept them on paid pokemon home subscription
  4. Hey I was wondering if someone can make me a Victini for Pokemon x. It is not gonna have anything illegal, it will be a perfectly clean pokemon request Victini @ CharcoalAbility: Victory StarLevel: 15Shiny: NoEVs: 34 Atk / 38 Spe / 39 DefModest Nature- V - Create- Fusion Flare- Fusion Bolt- PsychicPoke Ball and IVs:Poke Ball: Cherish BallIVs: 31/31/31/30/31/31IGN @eddiefromitX screen name: LouieFriend code is 2853-3202-6591 just in case I could see you log in or something ) PLEASE just tell me what I have to do and I'll do it
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