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  1. 0525 XY - OCT2014 Diancie (US) (ENG)

    @Deoxyz I figured you missed it or something, but in any case, I'm also validating your claim. @Sabresite for the post above, I've added links to the user names, that goes to the post that they've made the contribution.
  2. 0525 XY - OCT2014 Diancie (US) (ENG)

    @Sabresite I remember this being a thing, and they quickly replaced the wonder card on server, supposedly. (hence why both wonder cards are available for download in this page.) Initial entries of No IVs was contributed by Krskull and 8492, and 3 IVs one contributed by Wanderer1391
  3. Gen VII Events Contribution Thread

    Erm, no, there's no problem with it. 040601 is the Gen 7 tid. (notice how there are 6 numbers, instead of 5). PKHeX displays it as the traditional TID/SID split. To see the Gen 7 TID, over the mouse over the TID or SID text box. I appreciate the concern tho, thanks for bringing it up.
  4. Buying the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon guide book will give you a serial code for not 1, but 2 Master Balls! Release date being 6th of December, for 1,200 yen. Source:
  5. Gen2 to Gen7 Shiny Celebi

    I'm sorry to burst your bubble love, but If you used codes to get the item to unlock the event, its not legit, its not legal. It's illegal. (besides, something isn't even legal, it cannot be legit) Also, with the lack of Crystal and the GS Ball event in VC right now, it is not possible to get any Celebi during normal gameplay, (even glitches to obtain the GS ball is questionable, but right now Crystal isn't even out) Important point: I'm am not denouncing your effort. I think it is amazing that people have the patience to SR something until it is shiny. But, just because you put in effort doesn't mean it isn't hacked/cheated. The entire process has to be legit, for the Pokemon to be legit. People put in a lot of effort to remove the shiny lock, to SR for a shiny Zygarde, and it is impressive, but not legal nor legit. [I put in a lot of effort to glitzer pop a Shiny Celebi, and it's illegal lol] Now, to go back to your question (on how to be legal and shiny concurrently), which I'll address from a VC point of view: 1. Even if Crystal is released, they could choose to not give away GS ball 2. Even if they decide to give it away, it may be Japan only. If your Celebi is caught in a non-Japanese game, there is almost no chance it'll be legal, since only Japan got the GS ball event previously. 3. Wait for PokeTransporter update. If Poketransporter allows a Shiny Celebi to be transferred, despite it not being obtainable, just proclaim it to be "glitched", not "legal", not "legit", and you get your wish. I mean, isn't the most important thing, having your prized possession in Gen 7 through legitimate means?
  6. Gen VII Events Contribution Thread

    Thank @argus1963 and @Purin for this!
  7. Version .


    As part of the Pokemon Halloween Time (ピカピカゴーストパーティ; lit: PikaPika Ghost Party), it was distributed at Pokemon Centers in Japan, via Local Wireless. Species Mimikyu (Disguised) Nickname (default, save lang) OT ポケセン TID 170922 Distribution Local Wireless Location a Pokémon Center Dates Sep 22 to Nov 16, 2017 PID Shiny PID Games All Regions 3DS: SM Lv. 10 Nature Random Ability Disguise (1) Item Rare Candy Bundled Item None Classic Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Astonish Play Rough Copycat Substitute WC ID 248: 「いろちがいの ミミッキュ プレゼント」's receiving text 0x08 Thank you for coming to the Pokémon Center! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in the game. いろちがいの ミミッキュ プレゼント ばける!ピカピカゴーストパーティーの たのしそうな ふんいきに さそわれて めずらしい いろちがいの ミミッキュが あそびにきたよ! ともだちに なってあげてね! Format Ver.1.0.5-3, Post Updated Date:20170923_0032
  8. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    Maybe the Crystal patches aren't complete. I can't even load up japanese crystal (lol)
  9. General Events Help, FAQ and Discussion Thread

    Just create like maybe, 12 different save games (like fully restarted) and cycle through them. It's like having 12 cartridges, that should help with the redemption. If you wanna "legitly" do the transfer, then bank that Pokemon XD
  10. Urgh, that sucks. hope the Japan one isn't like that
  11. Solving "PID Mismatch"

    The whole thing above is a step by step guide. I don't see how you're having a problem with Timid Perfect Mewtwo (assuming it's gen 3).. Stationary encounters Pokemon are way too easy to make. 1. Set Nature, 2. Set IVs
  12. SM - Shiny Mimikyu (KO)

    Update: Shiny Mimikyu is held somewhere else: Distribution details Dates: Oct 7th to Oct 8th, 2017. Timing: 12pm to 5pm (Gift schedule to subject to changes, depending on the situation) (오후 12시부터 오후 5시까지 선물 일정은 현장 상황에 따라 변경될 가능성이 있습니다) Type: Infrared The AUTUMN KOREAN LEAGUE itself is held at Lotte Department Store Cheongryangri Branch 8 Culture Hall (롯데백화점 청량리점 8종 문화홀) source:
  13. SM - Shiny Mimikyu (KO)

    Alrighty everyone, A pop-up store is going to open up in Korea, and it appears to be mirroring the Ghost Party that is going on in Japan. It is important to note, the Shiny Mimikyu has not been confirmed; this is purely speculation. (details is on next post) In any case, do take note, and follow the story! PS: @katsuya @BLACKBIRD @wraith89 , lemme what do you think about this? Source: First saw on: Rochi's twitter.
  14. Aether's Silvally (JP)

    Version .


    This Shiny Silvally was distributed to players, in conjunction with the release of Virtual Console: Pokemon Gold and Silver, and mainly to promote the pre-orders for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It has its gender erroneously set to Random Gender, instead of Genderless. (this however, will not affect it; when received in game, it'll be Genderless) Species Silvally Nickname (default, save lang) OT エーテル TID 170922 Distribution Serial Code Location a lovely place Dates Sep 22 to Nov 16, 2017 PID Shiny PID Games JP 3DS: SM Lv. 100 Nature Random Ability RKS System (1) Item Gold Bottle Cap Bundled Item None Classic Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Multi-Attack Parting Shot Punishment Scary Face WC ID 242: 「きらめきの シルヴァディ」's receiving text 0x2C Thank you for playing Pokémon! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. きらめきの シルヴァディ ふういんされし ちからを ときはなち かくせいした いろちがいの シルヴァディを プレゼント! Format Ver.1.0.5-3, Post Updated Date:20170922_1829
  15. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    Actually we don't know if they'll ignore the invalid terminator if transferred from Gen 2, or even worse, not allow the transfer. they ignored the terminator from Gen 1 (or maybe they simply treated it as an invalid name and renicknamed it)