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  1. i want to request a code where you battle 2x faster in a battle
  2. okay so i am playing white on desmume and when the in dragon spiral tower plasma members are suppose to ambush me they don't and i can't do the legendary cut scene
  3. Swellow OT-Falkner nature-Jolly item-flame Orb moves- ~Facade ~ Brave Bird ~ U-turn ~ Protect EV- 252-atk 252-speed 6-spd IV- all 31 effect-guts -SHINY if i din't mention just put it as zeros
  4. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?5164-Event-Contribution-Collection/page39 i found it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. u r talking about a completley diff thing 1000pies i am looking for it too
  6. i need the 3 shiny beast event, and celebi(bold) movie event the goon scizor(adamant) and SS groudon and latios poke file
  7. thanks alot!!! give me your FC
  8. CAN U guys plz make me this pokemon with Pokesav Swellow OT-Falkner nature-Jolly item-flame Orb moves- ~Facade ~ Brave Bird ~ U-turn ~ Protect EV- 252-atk 252-speed 6-spd IV- all 31 effect-guts -SHINY trade with me in wifi FC KAI 2407-8806-5697
  9. Dead

    wifi mew

    can u plz help??
  10. Dead


    thank you so much, can u also help me in the wifi mew thread i made???
  11. Dead


    game stop jirachi event can i get a wonder card and a cheat code for jiachi?? and also can i get the jirachi from the green man in the pokemart (for pearl and diamond)
  12. Dead

    wifi mew

    can i get a ar code for wifi mew you could get at pokemon pearl and diamond thank you ps greatfully happy when its a code with a wonder card and where you could pick it up at pokemart
  13. okay my last thread became deleted but no body told me anything about it okay so i want wifi mew for pokemon pearl that you could get at jan. 29 where you can get wondercard and pick it up at the pokemart and also the same condition for game stop shiny mew
  14. can you guys make me a action replay code for getting the event Wi-fi mew where you can get it at pokemart from the green man and also can you guys get me the event shiny event pichu from gamestop(with the same condition like the mew?)when the time comes thank you
  15. this is huge so yeah i know i am suppose to put this on underxray's thread but this is huge i need poke file or codes for every pokemon you can get in a event like... red gyardos all legendary starter(any region) something like that but i know this is huge if someone wants to help i will be strongly grateful ----------------------------------------------- ps it has to be japanese also i am korean so if i have any mistake :wink: plz contact me :bidoof:
  16. the new movie is going to release the movie celebi than with that you can trigger the celebi event that let us get one
  17. HEY guys can i get heart gold ho-oh AR code???? thanx PS Am i putting this in the right place????
  18. i hate koffing, i mean look at dat thing lol
  19. dat was wicked!!!!!!!!! dat was awesome!!!! when are you going to do gary vs ash!!!!?????
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