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  1. You should see how crazy i go when my gallade gets koed! usually by a garchomp as well i really should invest a move slot to ice punch!
  2. any chance of a movie event arceus? neutral nature mav ivs 0 evs. thanks i think you have my fc. [edit] shoot i4got my ds is ofline soz for wastin time+space]
  3. some more request also could you make up a timid tru shaymin with max ivs? a timid almos darkrai also with max ivs would be nice, thanks! 2 copies of the darkrai please but one with a modest nature+max ivs.
  4. do pokemon platinum rebattle codes exist yet? if so could you post them. thanks.
  5. sorry for not mentioning it, thanks for fixing it!
  6. i think i wrote it but gritinia was suppost to be modest.
  7. got palkias stats wrong hp 227 atk 174 def 166 spd 182 sp atk 236 sp def 194
  8. hello again ray, i have 3 requests. as always im after a trade. the following pokemon have to have 0 evs and 31 ivs. the ot for them is OWEN and the id no is 19360. the sid for them is 46630. all pp is normal all have the ability ''pressure''
  9. hey ray do you mind trading at half 8?[european timescale] i would just now but im just about to have tea.
  10. i used the code and gave you my sid, if its ok with you can we trade now?
  11. call me sad but before i discovered this forum and pokesav i bought a shiny japanise movie darkrai clone beliving it was legit but i seem to remember someone saying getting a shiny event mon was impossible besides the manaphy egg being traded and then hatched. could someone clear this up for me?
  12. A trade will be nessesary as my ar does not recognise my new copy of platinum. my new fc is 0431 5313 1670. if you know my sid can you trade me a pokemon and i wont gain boosted exp or say ''apparently met at''. the reason for this is i wish to have my teams natures ev and ivs modified. ---------- Post added at 04:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:03 PM ---------- ok here is what i need. i am requesting a wifi trade the sid for all pokemon is 46630 the id is 19360 the trainer name is OWEN all have max ivs pp normal unless stated. if any info appears to be wrong please correct. [i think one poke's ivs are 0 instead of 31]
  13. is there a way to find out your sid? if so could i get the code, sorry about the last post i got mixed up.
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