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  1. I like celebi, mew, arcues, shaymin, and giratina
  2. They really should make a new GSC game. they should either make that or a game with all regions. they should not make a new gen because they will have to make a pokemon who can rival arceus, such as a death god, or a jesus of pokemon.
  3. I love Raikou. My favorite gen is the second, and raikou rules.
  4. I actually dont know. My older cousin gave me Silver for Christmas one year, and it had three on it. They were noctile, gyarados, and celebi. I think he might have hacked for celebi.
  5. Im hoping for them to make a nice long final pokemon game, one that will last for years. They shouldnt make a fifth gen, because if someone can beat arceus, then arceus isnt god. They should make a game where you can get all pokemon and go to all four regions. That would be really amazing.
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