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  1. Most games these days have 2 volume controls, one for music and the other for sound effects. Pokemon has not done this unfortunately. The music drives me crazy, but I hate just turning off the sound completely. Is this possible? (I know it's outside of the realm of my abilities) Thank you.
  2. In my experience that means your adapter cable is too long. Have you tried a different computer?
  3. These are the pokemon from the "Pokemon Box" gamecube cartridge. I figured someone might want them, I transferred them all myself, no trades, no edits. (Someone want to inform me how to wrap them in the "spoiler" tag and upload them to this site?) skitty.pkm swablu1.pkm swablu2.pkm swablu3.pkm swablu4.pkm swablu5.pkm swablu6.pkm zigzagoon1.pkm zigzagoon2.pkm zigzagoon3.pkm
  4. I apparently do not have the font to handle the trainer name.
  5. Well, In short IVs that fit an "average" pokemon.
  6. Looking for PKM files of the following (In order of importance): (Legit only please, or edited well enough that they look legit, you get the idea. If someone can tell me how to pick random IVs i'll be thrilled.) Lapras Turtwig Chimchar Piplup Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle Chikorita Cyndaquil Totodile Treecko Torchic Mudkip (Yes all the starters, I screwed my original starter up and i'm having a desire to return to legits in my personal game so the first three are the most important, plus i'm an old fart and fondly remember the old days, heh) Thanks.
  7. I'm new to the DS Pokemon games but I already have all the hardware to do Pokesav and transfer work VERY easily (4 DS units, 4 R4 cards, 2 GBA units, Ruby/Sapphire/Leaf Green/ Fire Red, GBA action replay, etc.) I can do just about any function you want. (IE. You have an old .XPS file with your favorite Pokemon but no GBA laying around anymore, etc.) (I'm a fan of legal Pokemon and legit ones, but I will help you move or make illegal ones too) Let me know what you need. (Personally I'm looking for anything rare and legit, I reserve the right to keep a clone of whatever I help you with, heh) Thanks
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