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  1. Its because you chose the incorrect version of the game. For mewtwo you would have to pick fire red or leaf green.
  2. I'm having a tad of trouble with legal legendarys, just suicune and latias really. They have legal everything except location which if checked with pokecheck says unknown. I was curious how we make legal pokemon for black 2 that are legendary. Be they poketransfered or not. It used to be that if it passed with nintendos checks when you submit a video, it was legal and legit as far as you could tell, but now It feels like I have to try much harder.
  3. You already did help me, thanks. Also since when is this forum not all about the pokegen? I really don't see how anyone thought this was not going to be used to gen legal pokemon.
  4. Ok. I just moved him from another game is all. I don't see how that makes him hacked.
  5. Lucario is legit. He is mine. I moved him originally to view my SID and it says the moves are hacked. As far as suicune goes, yea, totally cheated. Long story but I sold games to eat and sold my HG and black 1. So yea, sorry for that. Still, thats a glitch right?
  6. Can anyone tell me how to make a pokemon that has been transfered from say, HG? I cannot get my suicune completely legit. Also it shows dream world ability water absorb as hacked https://www.pokecheck.org/?screenshot=2191903&la also it says these valid arcanine moves are hacked http://www.pokecheck.org/?screenshot=2191707&la Lucario's moves also showing as hacked even though they are valid. https://www.pokecheck.org/?screenshot=2192120&la Or is it these moves ar enot valid in black 2?
  7. Yea, nothing comes out. It just sits there with the directory in the cmd and nothing happens. I press enter and it vanishes. Edit: got it to work and all is well. Now if I could only backup my HG and get the pokemon of that too. I dont have a backup tool for it though, just ardsi.
  8. doesnt seem to work for me. No shifted file appears.
  9. I cannot find anything on google about this pokeshift. Is there really nothing else that can make them as if I transferred them from my HG? I can get another ds probably, but it may take time. I rather not wait almost a month.] Edit: Somewhere during transfer all their natures became hardy, and im banking it screwed up their PIDs as well.
  10. Ok I just took my pokemon from a platinum save, changing their location to sinnoh in the B&W pokesav but they are detected as illegal. Is there more to it then that? If I could get another DS and transfer them from HG/Plat and use the stupid transfer service would they be legal? They were legal in both platinum and HG.
  11. doesn anyone have a unobtained complete pokedex? I just want them all seen. These both dont work
  12. Give it time. I think ARDSi will have a firmware update that can bypass the lock on the cart nintendo put. There is no need to do this. For now, make a pokemon for Platinum, then trade it to HG/SS or get a friend to help you over wifi.
  13. ARDSI cannot backup HGSS, It works perfect for platinum.
  14. They need to update it bad. I need a pokegear fix because another code I used without even realizing it removed my kanto map from my pokegear. Thanx code junkies!
  15. I accedently used the code junkies ar code for complete pokegear. I dont remember using it, but I must have. Now my pokegear wont show anything besides johto map. How can I fix this? I dont have a save backup or anything. It removed the white paths from newbark to victory road and so on. How can I fix this? If someone can make a code, that can make it so it thinks i've been everywhere in kanto, it will fix it. It has deleted my map locations from newbark to kanto. edit: moved my pokemon and started a new game.
  16. You need a card reader. I personally use my cellphone as a hub. It has a mini SD port so I just plug it into my pc and I can browse the storage for my save.
  17. wow? No help? It lets me use action replay codes but it says no game found to backup the save. Using ARDSi
  18. Why is this? It says no game data found on the ar dsi. Works with platinum.
  19. This may be known, or not, but 0c or 18 works for a starter pokemon in platinum. My self made infernape, I gave OC and it passes nintendos check for video. My buddies which was game made and edited is 18, and it also passes. So not that its a big deal, but both hex values seem to work.
  20. Yes see, it made me wonder. Its a completely new value to the game, so then it wouldn't be looking for it if its from platinum. But I wonder. Is this going to be like trading with yellow with silver and gold? Like you can only take pokemon from that gen when you trade with it?
  21. Ok so, I been thinking about this. I have pokemon that are perfectly created. legal stats, legal info, passes nintendo legit/legal check when submitting a video. These are flawless in my book. My question is this. If I trade my scizor over, will it still be able to pass, or will its lack of the pokeball hex mess that up? I had thought, with some common sense, that pokemon on D/P/PT, Plat in my case, that they do not have this hex as is, even if created by the game. So will HG/SS add that in as the trade takes place? Just curious. I planned to make a clone of my scizor for HG when it hits the states. Wanna know if he can stick by me through to online play.
  22. I do not have anything to use. I am doing this purely with AR. I havn't figured out the egg thing so, I will just have to make a pokemon with the stats I want, breed it, and hope its off spring will give me the same or better. These were for a friend but now he lives with me so there is no need i guess.
  23. Putting the daycare in the hatched area on the editor makes it say mystery zone and I do not know why. When I put it in the met it works, but the guide says to put it in the hatched so idk what to do. I lost my old egg pokemon files so I cannot see what I did ;-;
  24. Thanks for trying guardna, but it failed. He shows met at jublia city at level 0 when I hatch it. It also hatches as a shiny and gives me a normal gyarados. I think I will make myself a legitimate gyaradose the regular way, and then breed it. That should carry off its good IVs right?
  25. I dont understand. It looks exactly the same. What did I miss? When putting daycare as the hatched, it shows as mysterious place, and met at level 0. It does not show like a daycare pokemon.
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