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Pokemon Labyrinth - PGL - B&W - Eeveelutions event


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A new event has been announced, and it is probably the most complicated event yet. Imagine the GTS events, but way more complicated.

This event is for Black and White, and uses the PGL (Pokemon Global Link, the new feature in B&W which allows you to sync your game to the website and play minigames and encounter Pokemon on a PC website and then sync them back to your B&W game cartridge). The pokemon are the seven evolved forms of Eevee:

Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, and Glaceon.

It has also been revealed that each of them have an ability different from what they had before (Vaporen has Hydration, Glaceon has Ice Body, etc).

Therefore, I think it's very important for this community to try and collect these event pokemon in their most natural form, as each Pokemon Daisuki Club account can only obtain ONE, and only one account can be linked to a B&W save game. However we don't yet know how the PGL pokemon encounter system works (in regards to whether you merely get a pkm file, or if it the data is transmitted in the form of something similar to a pgt file).

(in recent news, it has been shown that you can send your Eeveelution to both one Black game and one White game)

Data extraction aside, we need to get working on this before the game comes out and before the data extraction technology exists. Here's the deal:

Steps to get this event:

- Be a member of the Japanese Pokemon Daisuki Fan club

- Participate in the Pokemon Labyrinth mini game which runs until Aug 31(finished)

- After Sept. 1, you can confirm which Pokemon you'll get (Now Open. Seems to be based on the starter you chose.)

- Pokemon B&W is released on Sept 18, and the PGL is launched (will be relaunched Oct 4th)

- You'll be able to encounter your Eeveelution on the PGL/PDW between Oct 1 and Nov 1 (and then sync it back to your B&W game) (Will now be available from Oct 20th until Jan 1st)

The event has now started, and thanks to all the contributors who participated in the Labyrinth game, I have been able to collect all of the Eevee evolutions in their original, untouched form.


Vaporeon - buzzthebatgirl

Jolteon - Alpha

Flareon - Guested

Espeon - poke_soccer_fan

Umbreon - Aquaguy34, d4rk_13l1t2er

Leafeon - Sol64

Glaceon - Gallade

Pokemon's Dream World abilities:

Vaporeon - Hydration

Jolteon - Quick Feet

Flareon - Guts

Espeon - Magic Mirror

Umbreon - Inner Focus

Leafeon - Chlorophyll

Glaceon - Ice Body

Thanks again to everyone who participated and trudged through what could possibly be the most complicated event ever. I'm glad our community was able to pull this one together.

Archive posts





It's an extremely long timeline for an event, which is why we need volunteers to start getting on this NOW and are willing to wait to pick up the event until we can determine how/what to extract. If it IS in the form of something similar to a .pgt or .pcd file, it would be best to extract THAT data BEFORE the pokemon is picked up in the game itself.

So, we really will need as many volunteers as we can get, as there are 7 Pokemon in this event.

If you can manage the Pokemon Daisuki website (it's Japanese) and play this game, and are willing to wait until we have the technology to properly extract the event files from a sav file, then PLEASE post in this thread, and give updates on your progress.

Since this involves data extraction, we will of course need volunteers who can extract and have access to their save files. B&W will have IR, which means normal extractions will not work. You will either need to be playing your ROM dump on a flashcart, or you will need the NDS Adapter Plus (USB backup device) to extract your sav from a retail cartridge.

Hopefully all the awesome programmers in this community will have some kind of software ready by October that will be able to extract the data (looking at you Grovyle, Mr. Mystery Gift Man!). If not, we have users like Nigoli who will be able to extract using Hex editing if he has a before and after sav.

----- Sept 1st Update -----

Pokemon Labyrinth has ended. As initial results start coming in, it appears as though the starter you chose at the beginning is what determines which Eeveelution you get (by corresponding type/color)... as Alpha originally predicted.

If you are willing and capable (see important notes below and/or above) of backing up your save file and submitting it for this collection, please post in the thread with which Eeveelution you have been assigned and please state directly that you will submit it (as there may be some users who are just excited and want to share which one they got).

Even if we have more than one of the same type, if you are willing to submit please say so (just in case some people disappear between now and October 1st.


Vaporeon - buzzthebatgirl

Jolteon - Alpha, lorddaniel

Flareon - Guested, Chancellor Cole

Espeon - poke_soccer_fan, ShiningMew2

Umbreon - war-lord, d4rk_13l1t2er, Aquaguy34

Leafeon - Sol64

Glaceon - Gallade

The event site has also given some more details regarding the pick-up timeline and process. I've updated the information below to include this.

-- Important Reminder --

As B&W gets closer to release, I urge everyone to remember this important step of this collection process:

Even if there is no sav editing software at the time this event occurs, please make backups of your .sav file BEFORE and AFTER getting this event. If you do so, members who excel at hex-editing (such as Nigoli) will be able to extract the event file regardless of if there is not any special software available.

The PGL syncing may occur similar to Mystery Gift events from Gen IV, but it also may occur like the Pokewalker (Pokemon just appears in your box with syncing).

--- Here is the information given by the site in regards to how the process will work ---

And information on when we'd like sav backups (a total of FOUR now)

- You must access the Pokemon Dream World (PDW) in the Pokemon Global Link (PGL) website and link it to your Daisuki Club account using the Campaign link (will provide better details on that when I can get a screencap).

This can be done between October 20th and January 1st.

In B&W:

- Get the C-Gear Key Item from Makomo at the Sanyou City Research Center (needed to sync w/ PGL)

(back up your sav file)

- Use it to send a Pokemon to sleep (to the PDW) (aka, sync your save game with the PGL site)

(back up your sav file)

In PGL website:

- Encounter your Eeveelution (however it works). The site says there is a board in your house with photos of the pokemon you've encountered.

In B&W:

- Wake your Pokemon up (aka, re-sync your save game with the PGL site)

(back up your sav file)

- Go to the High Link location and have your dream-encountered Pokemon join your group.

(back up your sav file)

- Eevelution is yours!

I believe that after re-syncing PGL to your save game, the event data exists somewhere in the sav file similar to a .pgt file (as in Gen IV's Mystery Gift events). This is the ideal piece of information we want (before the pokemon is "caught"), but we do need a sav file BEFORE you initially sync (for hex comparison), and AFTER you've caught the pokemon (in case there is no .pgt similar data, and we can only do the .pkm file).

SO, PLEASE back up your sav file carefully at the FOUR points noted in the list, and provide all FOUR (ideally, labeled) when you submit them.

And don't forget to come back and submit your files in October :)

Hang in there until October 20th!

Thanks for playing!

-- Restated for Importance! --

The B&W cartridges will have IR, as HGSS does. Therefore, you will not be able to dump your save from a retail cart unless you have NDS Adapter Plus.

If you have NDS Adapter Plus, that's great (it SHOULD work with B&W, but I have not tested it with a DSi enhanced game)

If you do NOT have NDS Adapter Plus, you will have to dump your retail cartridge's ROM and use it on a flash cart in order to have access to the .sav file.

Please make sure you take the appropriate steps and do not sync with your retail cart if you do not have NDS Adapter Plus.

Original Information regarding Labyrinth

From initial results after Sept 1, it appears that the starter pokemon you chose in Labyrinth determines which Eeveelution you get! (by corresponding type/color)... As Alpha originally predicted.

As for now! Current step 1 = be a member and play Pokemon Labyrinth!

See my post below for a short guide on how to sign up for the Club and access the Labyrinth.


Alpha has a theory on your Eeveelution determination.

At the beginning of the game/expedition, you choose a Pokemon to be your partner (because there are areas of the island off limits to humans).


Their types match up to the seven Eeveelutions, so we think it MAY correspond.

Just in case, let's keep track:

Buizel -

Vulpix - Guested

Poocheyna -

Snorunt -

Shinx - Alpha

Ralts -

Cherubi -

This may or may not be the determining factor, but it's our best lead so far.

More updates to come.

There are also 8 stones that you can find in the game. They are used to "capture" Pokemon and have them join you as a helper.

There are 7 for each color of the 7 starters.... plus a rainbow colored one. You start with 2 of each, but 5 of the one whose color corresponds to your chosen starter.

You can have up to 6 helpers. The stones are used to catch/befriend Pokemon you encounter. If you throw a stone that matches the type/color of the pokemon you encounter, they will join you.

There will be 4-digit codes released periodically that will give you new stones. It seems each code gives you 7 more stones. And it appears the man at the Basecamp (forgot his name already) will occasionally give you a Rainbow Stone. Hey told me, "Whoa! You have a lot of stones! Here's a special one!"

Stone Codes released so far:



Further Theories

The game keeps track of which pokemon you have encountered (even if you don't catch them), and there is also a scoring system.

I think that your Eeveelution MAY be determined by which color/type of Pokemon you have encountered the most during the expeditions. Or perhaps which colors/types you have in your group. Or perhaps points. Or perhaps all of our theories are not correct.

At any rate, if this theory is correct, we should start thinking about making groups based around a certain type/color. Alpha is going for Electric/Yellow, and I'll be going after Red (I think it's better to go with your starter color since you start with extra stones of that color).

Color Targets

Blue/Water -

Yellow/Electric - Alpha

Red/Fire - Guested

Purple/Psychic -

Black/Dark -

Green/Grass -

White/Ice -

The only area expedition/game available right now is a Forest. And in the forest, there are predominantly grass-types. There will of course be more areas as time goes by, and we are predicting that there will be different Pokemon available.

----- August 28 Update -----

Everyone participating, please read!!!!!

--Only a few days left till the Labyrinth part of this event ends!--

We still have no solid info on what determines which Eeveelution you will be awarded.

Possible theories include:

- The starter you chose

- It's based on your score somehow

- The types/colors of Pokemon in your helper-party

- Which Eeveelutions you have IN your party

It could also even be based off something more hidden such as: the pokemon you meet, the number of stones of corresponding color that you have (or use, even)

For example, I currently have my starter Vulpix in my group, with an all-fire party and a Flareon. Out of the stones I have, I have more red stones.

I suggest everyone just choose a strategy and go with it. It may turn out that we have very little control over what we get.


pp.org Labyrinth.zip








pp.org Labyrinth.zip







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It shouldn't be hard through a Hex Editor comparing one save to another after acquiring it if it's anything like Mystery Gift was.

I wouldn't think Daisuki Club would have a Wonder Card esque transfer, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were Cards like Generation IV presumably for Gen V.

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Translation/guide for Daisuki Club signup, for those interested:


メールアドレス - email address, up to 64 characters

next line, enter the email address again.

パスワード - choose a password, 6-16 characters

ニックネーム - choose your nickname (account ID is an assigned number, this is just for your nickname on your account)

せいべつ - Gender (left is male, right is female)

たんじょう日 - birthdate (year, month, date)

住んでいるところ - where you live (this are all Japanese prefectures, so .. just choose whichever)

メールマガジン - Whether you want the newsletter or not (left is yes, right is no)

メールマガジンの形式 - type of newsletter (left is html based, right is text based)

Then, click on the button on the bottom that says かくにん

If you are signed in, you can access Pokemon Labyrinth here:


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Additional step afterwards:

- Options between short blue button (back) and long red button (accept/continue), though most people should know what to choose by then :)

- You won't be using your chosen nickname to sign in. Your ID and password will be sent to your email address.

Oh and I chose Poochyena as my partner, but don't count on me too much coz I have zero knowledge in Japanese xD (except there are further instructions or guides given as well, which would be great)

Edit 1:

Labyrinth Journey:

by d4rk_13l1t2er

Here's what I did so far:

- I tried the only game available, it's about walking in the forest labyrinth stuff.

- First you are asked to choose which pokemon to walk with, you will start at the 'S' position in the middle of the map.

(Notice that right now you only have the partner pokemon in your possession, mine is Poochyena. There are slots for 6)

- Then you are asked to choose which direction to move to, yellow cube is item (might contain color stones or water bottles), blue circle is other pokemon. Turning 'Right' seems to be the highest priority inside the labyrinth.

- When you found an item, click to put them in the inventory.

- When you met other pokemon, throwing the stone with the same element as them might mean to befriend them. They will come near you and show some orange letters (afterwards, orange button mean accept as party, blue mean decline).

(I met a Leafeon, so i try to throw the green stone stuff which is the same green color as him, and I think I "befriended" him coz he's currently in the 2nd pokemon slot beside my Poochyena. I dc'ed after that, but when I re-tried the game he's still there, so yay me :D)

- However, throwing the stone with different element will fail to befriend them. They will move away from you, and blue letters will appear.

( I met a Swinub and try to throw the black / dark stone, he ran away)

- If you have 6 pokemon in your party, befriending another one will allow you to replace one of them.

- So far there is no way to run away / evade a pokemon encounter without wasting a stone.

- Notice that there is a red bar at the right of your "leading" pokemon. This seemed like an energy / health bar, and will keep decreasing as you traverse through the labyrinth. When the bar is down to 2, you will be prompted to refill / use the water bottle. When the bar is empty, your journey at the current labyrinth will be considered as over, and you will not be able to use the pokemon with the empty bar until you refill them (will be shown how by the end of the guide).

- When you get to one end of the labyrinth, you'll meet one more pokemon before your journey is over.

- Afterwards, you will be shown the Labyrinth Report which contains which pokemon have you met/found so far, when you met them, and such. You can view all pokemon met so far (blue tab) or calendar mode (orange tab).

- Using the water bottle will refill half the energy bar

- At the main menu, the agenda on the top right is the Labyrinth Report. The name tag is your trainer card, WHERE YOU CAN REFILL THE ENERGY OF K.O.ED POKEMON. The cowboy hat seemed to show world's top score.

- Met Latias after I'm done with one of the labyrinth, she left a black stone/egg stuff that will show up on the trainer tag/card. Met Cresselia as well, the Legendary pokemon seemed to give out those black beans stuff. Met Celebi, it is confirmed by then. You can meet the same Legendaries more than once, but they will still give out the black beans stuff.

- Somehow your energy bar will grow (by time, need more confirmation).

- more will be added after I move along in the game

That's what I found out so far, sorry for the messy format, will redo them when I have spare time :)

Edited by d4rk_13l1t2er
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Errr, I can read non-Kanji Japanese characters and I can enter the text into IME so that I can (hopefully) translate stuff into English. Can I help in any way? (I'm not sure if I could get Pokémon B&W though... might want to pre-order it once I have the money orz)

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Most of the available 4-digit codes can be found here: http://www.pokemon.jp/portal/member/summer10/code.html

You may require a membership to view it. Also, not all codes are on the main sites, which may require you to click on the links.

Here's what I've gather:


トレーナーズウェブサイト|しょうひん ポケモンカードゲーム ピカチュウ ワールド


Password: 2712 Date:7月8日公開



トレーナーズウェブサイト|しょうひん ポケモンカードゲームLEGEND 拡張パック「頂上大激突」


Password: 8284 Date:7月8日公開





Password: 2479 Date: 7月9日公開





Password: 8334 Date: 7月8日公開



ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド・パール


Password: 0562 Date:7月8日公開



劇場版ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド・パール「幻影の覇者 ゾロアーク」


Password: 7766 Date:7月8日公開




明治製菓 : ポケットモンスター - 手作り -


5189 7月8日公開



明治製菓 : ポケットモンスター - ビッグガム -





明治製菓 : ポケットモンスター - ポケモングミ -






ピクサス ポケモンプリントギャラリー


7445 7月8日公開






6436 7月14日公開













































ポケモンヌードル ポケモンコレクションシール|サッポロ一番





ポケモンヌードル 食べよう!ポケモンヌードル|サッポロ一番












ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド・パール





ポケモン モンコレプラス


hidden link:http://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/moncolle/plus/series/battle.html















一番くじ 劇場版ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド&パール 幻想の覇者 ゾロアーク




media factory


ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド・パール ピカチュウのキラキラだいそうさく!



1) You can hold a maximum of 99 for each stone.

2) You do not need to befriend each pokemon to have its data. It is recorded after you've seen it.


  • After aquiring 30 species, class rank is changed to Junior Class.
  • After aquiring 60 species, class rank is changed to Silver Medal
  • After aquiring 100 species, class rank is changed to Gold Medal
  • After aquiring 150 species, class rank is changed to Red Star Medal


  • Forest: Out of 106 Pokemon, 96 can be befriended(excluding the 8 legendaries: Celebi, Latias, Latios, Kyogre, Cresselia, Phione, Manaphy & Shaymin).
  • Lake: Found 78 so far... (Legendaries include: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mew, Lugia, Ho-oh, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Deoxys, Mesprit, Azelf)

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Don't bother looking up stuff to translate. Here's a text dump of the game so far:


And these are the Pokemon in the forest:


No Umbreon in the list of pokemon, and there are only 3 dark pokemon except for the partner Poochyena, so I guess I'll just collect all the eevolution to put in my party :)

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I managed to sign up using the translated instructions above. When I have time (after 3 weeks) I will try to play the game. I probably won't succeed though since Japanese is like magic for me and even subscribing was very hard. If I can you can count me in though.

I chose snorunt..

BTW how does saving work?? anyone??

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I managed to sign up using the translated instructions above. When I have time (after 3 weeks) I will try to play the game. I probably won't succeed though since Japanese is like magic for me and even subscribing was very hard. If I can you can count me in though.

I chose snorunt..

BTW how does saving work?? anyone??

The game is pretty simple, you won't need to understand any japanese to be able to play it.. Saving will be automatic I guess, as long as you don't dc halfway..

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I'll have a bash at this since I'm going to import B/W. I'll select Buizel to play this game with. Thanks for all the translations, they should help!


I've been playing this for a while and managed to meet/find 18 Pokémon including Glaceon in the forest stage. Dunno if that's what I'm going to get at the end of the event, but though it might be useful to post this up here.

Edited by buzzthebatgirl
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looks as though you can only have one eeveelution on your team. i ended up on maps with a bunch of them, after i caught the first one i ran into i havent seen another since. so im assuming youll receive the one you have on your team for your bw game. i was hoping to get flareon but ended up with jolteon.

in other news, i have one of the best teams ever (so far), blaziken, ludicolo, cacturne, bibarel, jolteon and kingler :3

nix the only one idea, just caught a glaceon

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it comes about right after you sign up, try only putting numbers in your nickname. i dont think i got any mail when i used letters although it looked it it sent it. i dont know if its my pc, or just bad luck, its worth a shot though

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OK I'm not actually doing the Labyrinth event atm lol

But 2 of our Eeveelutions have already been revealed to have special properties:

- Vaporeon caught from the Dream World will have the ability Hydration.

- Glaceon caught from the Dream World will have the ability Ice Body.

I have to ask for source first though, but it's coming off from our newswriter in PKMN-ph which has like 467938276 authentic sources.


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